Friday, December 24, 2010

China Glaze White On White

It's Christmas Eve (where I am, anyway) already, can you believe it? I still remember the time before I was even in college, earlier this year. Time flies by so fast. Before I know it, I'll have graduated from university with a degree and be going out to work. Ugh. Work.

My grandparents came for Christmas today (or yesterday, since it's past 12am). My grandmother was all worked up because she realised she forgot to bring the apple filling she'd made for the apple pie. She ended up just making an entire new batch. So we had apple pie with vanilla custard for dessert. Yum :D

You may remember this post about how bad the formula of this was. Well, it thickened up a bit but it's still streaky. And I still needed 5 coats. However, I do still love white polish and I wore this for a whole week (including the time when I layered other polishes over it).

It dried glossy but I still put top coat over it to even it out. There were no chips, just tip wear. I don't know if good wear makes up for terrible formula. The only reason I bought a white from China Glaze was because I thought it would be great, but no. I am still looking for a good white creme that is opaque in 2-3 coats. Not five.

5 coats is a lot for any polish. Especially a creme. If it was a jelly or some sheer based polish, it wouldn't be so bad, but FIVE? I hate doing anything more than 3. I went to bed hours after putting top coat on and I still had sheet marks when I woke up (which you'll see later).

All swatches are in artificial lighting. The weather has not been kind to me :/

ChG White On White
2 coats. Excuse the terrible lighting. It did not occur to me then to adjust the settings on my camera. Can you see how streaky this is? No polish I know which is as streaky as this at 2 coats doesn't even out on the third coat.

ChG White On White
Under my desk lamp. Something is wrong with me :/

ChG White On White
This must've been when I knocked some sense into myself.

ChG White On White

ChG White On White
Sheet marks!

Apart from polish, there is this one other thing I would love for Christmas. A Coach bag. Not just any Coach bag, but this one right here.

How gorgeous is this? I first saw it in the window display at the Coach store at a mall weeks ago. I also saw this at the Coach store at the mall today/yesterday. Must. Own. This. Bag.

For now, I'll just settle for my Mango bag (Christmas present from my aunt). I'll have more posts in the next couple of days, hopefully. ;)


  1. I have so many bottles of white polish. I'm always looking for the holy grail of white polish. My favorite so far is Ulta Snow White. I only need 2 coats. :)

  2. Oh, I love white polish! :) To bad it needs 5 coat. I just put China Glaze - Snow on my WL (it needs just 2 - maybe is this one perfect for you), but since Essence released new White&Black collection I hope I'll get that white one. :)

    Bag is really beautiful! :)

  3. Bad, bad polish. I never do more than 3 coats, after that I just give up.

  4. Rachel Marie - I hear Sally Hansen Insta Dri's Whirlwind White is pretty good, but it chips easily. When you find the holy grail, let me know :D

    Ivana - Me too! Some reviews said that Snow was streaky, so I didn't wanna try that yet :/ I can't wait to see your swatches of the Essence one (: If I win the lottery, I'll buy this bag ;D

    Silva - Yeah ): I wish I could give up after 3 coats but.. I love white too much to give up on it.


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