Monday, December 6, 2010

German Haul

My high speed internet is finally here, and it's not as fast as I expected but it's better than before.

First of all, congratulations to both Real Madrid and Barcelona for winning their La Liga matches. Everything goes back to normal. Until next year's match. You know the one. Also, I read that Iniesta, Xavi and Messi, all from FC Barcelona are the 3 finalists for the FIFA Balón d'Or. Whoever gets it deserves it (:

Secondly, I finally got round to doing this! So a long time ago, my mom went to Germany for work, and I gave her a list of brands of polishes that I thought would be easy to find, like P2, Essence and Catrice. Strangely enough, she couldn't find a single one of those. Instead, she bought me a couple of other brands.

As well as a bunch of polish, my mom also brought back a LOT of chocolate. My favourite so far is Ritter Sport Knusper-Karamell. I'm a sucker for milk chocolate and I do love it when there's some sort of twist like cornflakes (Ritter Sport makes good chocolate with cornflakes), mint, caramel, etc. as long as it's not nuts. And of course it has to be quite "normal". One of the chocolates my mom bought had some weird cinnamon-y cake-like thing inside and it wasn't that good :/

This one has crunchy bits of caramel (something like the Swedish Daim but with the caramel in little pieces rather than a chunk) and tastes amazing. If you let the chocolate melt away leaving only the caramel bits in your mouth, you can taste the buttery sweetness of it.

All the polish bottles are really tiny. Like 6-9mL (no, I did not put 6 next to 9 on purpose). I am afraid of using these in case they run out. Are all the bottles from Europe this tiny? Do the manufacturers think all Europeans (and people who buy European polish) have dwarf hands? I mean, seriously. Even Tinkerbell and Thumbelina would find these small. So unlike Orly polishes which are much huger than I expected.

Also, none of these have names. Just numbers. If I go to work in Europe, can I be the name-thinker-upper? I promise not to give anything an overly dirty name ;)

Anyway, my mom has pretty alright taste, I would say, although she accidentally bought two rather similar (but not identical) colors. Both are really pretty, so I don't mind! (:

ArtDeco & Astor polishes
L-R: ArtDeco 280, Astor 66, Astor 25, Astor 70.
The ArtDeco one is really pretty, but more on that later. 25 has some golden shimmer showing up on the bottle but it's not visible in the picture.

BeYu polishes
L-R: (all BeYu brand) 377, 384, 387, 216, 391
377 is similar to Astor 66. 387 is actually pinkish, not so white.

Well, bottle pictures usually don't tell much. I've tried a couple of these and I'm quite impressed. Also, I got a new top coat. It's from a brand called Douglas and it's called "Diamonds Are Forever Sparkling Top Coat" (also more on this later). The price tag is still here, it costs €10.95 for only 9mL. Told you the bottles are small!

I'm not sure which shop she bought these from and whether they're available in other parts of Europe or not. I wish the bottles were bigger.

Have you seen these brands before? Have you tried any?


  1. Oh that's a pity that she didn't find any p2 or Catrice or Essence. :)

    I have 216 Beyu and it's soooo gorgeous, you just remind me that I need to take it of my box and put it on my nails. :) Enjoy your new toys!

    Agree, bottles are small if we compare them to OPI, ChG, Orly... :/

  2. 216 made me think of you! (:

  3. Astor is a Spanish brand, very popular in Germany. It used to be the best-seller there until Essence came in.

  4. Marian - Thanks for the info! (: Weird that she didn't find any Essence there though :/

  5. She probably bought those Artdeco's and Beyu's at Douglas. We have them in Spain too and they carry mostly the same brands as in Germany. In one Douglas in Berlin I got my Clay-ton from Catrice.

  6. marox79 - Oh. I wish she'd found me a Catrice or two too. Some of them are really pretty!


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