Saturday, May 28, 2011

Catrice Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy!

I really meant to write a post earlier but my cousin was here and he doesn't know about my blog. Or my obsession with nail polish. So I thought it would've been a bit awkward.

I quite like Catrice Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy! But the name.. This is NOT a lemon color. Unless they mean unripe lemon, which I still don't think is the color of this polish. Another lie: the bottle says 2 coats but I had to do 3. Apropos Apricot is even worse. But I'll save that for later.

I did 3 coats with top coat. The shimmer here is more visible than in Bye Bye Birdy which is good. I like subtle yet visible shimmer.




Artificial Lighting


Artificial Lighting

I do really like this color. I only wore it for a day as an attempt to worm my way through my untrieds. I will not reveal whether or not this untrieds pile is getting smaller or not ;)

I am so excited for the football match later! I hope Man U is ready to have their asses handed to them by Barcelona. I love both clubs but obviously I love one more ;)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Comparison: Catrice Bye Bye Birdy! vs. China Glaze Happy Go Lucky & Lemon Fizz

I hope that title fits on Twitter.

I hope no one is disappointed by the lack of a very hot polish that was released by Chanel this year, Mimosa. I don't have it to compare, but if you want to see that comparison, Ivana showed me a link that compares Catrice Bye Bye Birdy and the Chanel. They're not dupes, Chanel Mimosa has a darker, more yellow base compared to the Catrice (this is what I can gather from looking at the pictures).

Anyway, I only have two yellows in my stash. I think. So I decided to compare for the sake of comparing. I knew there wouldn't be dupes because one has hidden shimmer and the other two are cremes.

I did 3 coats of everything. I prefer the brush and formula on the China Glaze polishes but again, not dupes and if you like yellow you might like (and feel the need to own) all of them.

Catrice Bye Bye Birdy, China Glaze Lemon Fizz, Catrice Bye Bye Birdy, China Glaze Happy Go Lucky

I hope this gives you a clearer indication of what shade of yellow Catrice Bye Bye Birdy is.

I'm not a huge fan of yellows, so I don't have many. I could have 3 yellows and a million reds. I like red (:

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Catrice Bye Bye Birdy!

And that is the last time I will be putting the exclamation mark in this polish's name.

On the bottle it says 2x Coats/Auftragen (which I think means coats?). This is a LIE. It was still streaky at two coats. So I had to do 3. It was thick, and bubbled. The brush shape/size was okay but it was a bit hard.

Apart from that, it's a yellow with hidden shimmer. It's barely visible, but it's there. I did take pictures but they sucked the first time round so this is a reswatch. Not that it's important. I think.

If you click to enlarge the images you'll be able to see the shimmer. Or you could just put your face really close to the screen :D

While I was removing this, I found these. Weird, huh?

I was hoping the shimmer would be a little bit more visible, but hidden isn't so bad. I have a comparison post ready so that will be next.

Oh and in case it isn't past 6pm where you live yet, I have lived past 6pm and obviously, I am still alive. This post was not scheduled to make it look like I survived the rapture that didn't happen. So stop worrying, you are not going to die in an earthquake or zombie apocalypse. Yet.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Recent Haul & Swaps

I've been waiting for a long time to do this post because I.. kinda forgot about it. But then I got my swap packages and decided to throw them all in together.

The haul is from when I went on a short holiday about a month ago. I want to go back on holiday ): The Catrice weren't bought at the place where I went from holiday, my mom got them from Germany. It was around the time we were on holiday so I just put it together.


6 polishes, and a pair of nail files and a manicure thingamajig which I thought looked interesting from Sephora.

Sephora 70: It's Time To Rock

Make Up Store Victoria and Linnea

Catrice Apropos Apricot, Bye Bye Birdy! and Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy!


I did a couple of swaps on Twitter. The first is from T (amusedPolish) who was extremely kind and managed to get me some HTF China Glaze!! I think I almost died when I saw 2NITE. I am nowhere close to owning the whole Kaleidoscope or OMG collections but I am so happy to have these! Thank you so much!! <3

China Glaze OMG, 2NITE, Tickle My Triangle, TMI
Emily Purple Glitter

The second swap was with Rachel and Katrina. They wanted something I could get so we arranged a swap. I asked for the Milani holos and let Rachel pick out whatever she wanted. My first Zoyas! I only need 3 more of the Milani holos to have all 6 now (:  There was also a small bottle of Avojuice (caramel, yum) and a sachet of Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation which I didn't take pictures of. Thank you for these, guys! <3

Zoya Pia, Tangy and Dannii
Milani Cyberspace and Digital

I am so excited to try these. I have since peeled off the sticker on the blue Milani (part of my obsessive compulsiveness. I hate sticky price tag labels on my stuff!) and named the Snowman. His name is Jeremy.

Which of these (besides the holos, I want to save them :P ) would you like to see first? I have already worn all from my haul except the Sephora polish. The Make Up Store ones are to die for! (:

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

BeYu 384

I can finally breathe (for a moment) now that my first paper is over. I think I'll pass. Haha.

I am so sleepy and I have been watching tv shows since I got home. Nothing like a good cup of tea (or coffee), a stroopwafel or two and a good show to watch. I finished the latest episodes of Desperate Housewives and am slowly working my way through Grey's Anatomy Season 6. I am so behind on GA ):

I wore this so long ago I don't even remember what it looks like. I think I liked it. Also, the pictures kind of suck, but again, this was more than an entire month ago, and I would re-do them if I had the time but I don't.

I did 2 or 3 coats (I can never remember nowadays, sorry ): ) with top coat. I thought it was really weird looking in the bottle but it is really pretty on the nail. Nails. And I don't think I ever want to go back to nubbins, looking at these pictures. They look pretty nubbin-y right?

There were gold flakes and lots of glitter in a few different colors, which you'll see if you click to enlarge one of the closeup photos (:

Can someone think of a re-name for this one?

And how bad are those orange scrubs from Mercy West? Ew!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Artdeco 280

*picture heavy*

So much for my plan to post daily. Haha. I've been lazing around so much it's been hard to get back into a studying mood.

It's Wednesday! Or my calendar is broken. Either way, I am finally following the pink on Wednesdays thing, even though I'm not wearing pink right now, but I'm posting something pink, that counts, right?

I did 2, or was it 3?, coats with top coat. The weather has been really hot and sunny lately, and by that I mean not a cloud in the sky on most days. A friend said this weather could go on until September (by which time I might have melted into a puddle, but NOBODY is to touch my polish collection!), but I don't know how true that is.

Click to enlarge the photos, this one is a stunner (:

It looks a lot more gorgeous in the bottle, but sadly, the rainbow-y part doesn't translate well onto the nail. It is still a very pretty polish, though.

I didn't join the site because I don't wear pink EVERY Wednesday, and I'm not sure if I'm supposed to do that to join. I don't have enough pinks to do that. Haha. But here is the picture anyway:

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sinful Colors Hottie on Models Own Black Magic

*picture heavy*

Did anyone notice the new font? I was afraid I wouldn't be able to configure a couple of other (simple) HTML stuff but I managed in the end. At least one good thing came out of my IT classes in high school. Okay actually I didn't learn ANYTHING in IT class. The most valuable thing I learned was from my friend, who taught me how to use the 'Shift' button instead of the 'Caps Lock' button to capitalize a single letter. Yup.

I got Sinful Colors Hottie from my swap with Kellie. I think it was the reason we had a swap. I was asking about OPI Last Friday Night and she suggested it as a dupe. And the rest is history.

I know I tend to go crazy and take loads of pictures thinking they'll show different qualities of a polish. I took over 130 pictures of Hottie. Imagine having to narrow that down. I put it off for a couple of weeks because I dreaded it so badly.

I layered one coat of Sinful Colors Hottie on 2 coats of Models Own Black Magic, a black creme, and added top coat.


Sun, decreased exposure.

Sun, decreased exposure.





Artificial lighting

Artificial lighting 



Artificial lighting 

Sorry for the photo spam, but it was way too pretty to not show all of them. Narrowing it down from more than 100 pictures was hard enough.

Thank you so much, Kellie, for sending me this! <3  These pictures make me want to wear it again :D