Thursday, May 5, 2011

OPI Silver Shatter on Some Skittles

Hi. Again. I hope you're not sick of me yet. Haha. After yesterday's post about Silver Shatter on the Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides collection, I hope you're ready to see more of Silver Shatter.

I didn't think Silver Shatter would look good on shimmers/glitters/etc. so the skittles are all cremes. I did this at the same time I did the PotC skittles with Silver Shatter so I didn't do many colors. I also didn't want to waste my Silver Shatter.

Here is my awkward left hand again. All of them are the base color + Silver Shatter + top coat.

Index: China Glaze Happy Go Lucky, 3 coats
Middle: Barry M Cobalt Blue, 2 coats
Ring: Barry M Red Black, 3 coats (or was it 2? hmm)


Sun & Shade
Silver Shatter on China Glaze Happy Go Lucky

 Sun & Shade
Silver Shatter on Barry M Cobalt Blue

 Sun & Shade
Silver Shatter on Barry M Red Black

 Sun & Shade
Silver Shatter on Models Own Black Magic

I have worn the others besides Red Black on their own but I only have pictures of Black Magic by itself, I just haven't posted it yet.

The match yesterday was awesome. Barcelona drew 1-1 with Real Madrid, but Barça wins 3-1 on aggregate which means they'll move on to the UEFA Champions League Finals with Manchester United! Assuming Man U doesn't lose by more than 0-2 to Schalke later, of course. Barça can totally take Man U on. ;)

I woke up at half past 3pm this afternoon, in case anyone's wondering. Haha. (:


  1. I really like it over Cobalt Blue *needs to try it*

  2. amusedPolish - Haha I'll be waiting to see it on you! ;)

  3. i only like the black shatter. Now its just going overboard ;/ but some of them actually look nice!

  4. Anonymous - Yeah, the whole crackle trend is overdone. Are you trying to say that some of the crackles actually look nice?


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