Sunday, May 22, 2011

Catrice Bye Bye Birdy!

And that is the last time I will be putting the exclamation mark in this polish's name.

On the bottle it says 2x Coats/Auftragen (which I think means coats?). This is a LIE. It was still streaky at two coats. So I had to do 3. It was thick, and bubbled. The brush shape/size was okay but it was a bit hard.

Apart from that, it's a yellow with hidden shimmer. It's barely visible, but it's there. I did take pictures but they sucked the first time round so this is a reswatch. Not that it's important. I think.

If you click to enlarge the images you'll be able to see the shimmer. Or you could just put your face really close to the screen :D

While I was removing this, I found these. Weird, huh?

I was hoping the shimmer would be a little bit more visible, but hidden isn't so bad. I have a comparison post ready so that will be next.

Oh and in case it isn't past 6pm where you live yet, I have lived past 6pm and obviously, I am still alive. This post was not scheduled to make it look like I survived the rapture that didn't happen. So stop worrying, you are not going to die in an earthquake or zombie apocalypse. Yet.


  1. One of the dupes for the famous 'Mimosa' from Chanel, I think. I think I could do a subtle yellow pastel.
    Umm, a comparison post. Intriguing.

  2. This looks great on you. I am slowly warming up to yellows. Totally weird about the removal holes/bubbles!

  3. marox79 - Hmm, I am not sure since I don't have Mimosa. I think the shimmer in Mimosa would be more obvious though..

    Shimmer - Thank you! I am not a huge fan of yellows either but they're okay (:


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