Friday, May 6, 2011

Models Own Black Magic

Okay, I'm pretty sure that's the name of the polish. Pretty sure.

After all that Silver Shatter, I thought I'd show you something more normal and simple. A plain black creme. Actually, I don't really need to post this, because we all know what a black creme looks like. Who doesn't have a black creme? Right?

Black is one of my favourite colors to wear. I deliberately nubbin-ised my nails for this because I didn't want to have long black nails. Black feels good on short nails to me for some reason. So, here are my nubbins. Be nice to them. Haha.

I did 2 coats with top coat. I don't know if this is blue or green based, but does anyone really care? It turns out black anyway. Nobody is going to say "Hey, that blue based black does NOT go with your skin tone". No.

Black and white were the first 2 colors I wore, many years ago.

Black polish, yes or no?


  1. It looks lovely on you, but I can't really get away with black polish for some reason. Certainly not black cremes, anyway :(

  2. LeonaCarolina - Thank you (: Maybe it's not for everyone. I'm sure it looks good on you but maybe you don't see it. I feel like that about some colors too (:

  3. You paint your nails perfectly! X

    1. Thank you! I have to do a lot of clean-up to get it to look half decent ;)


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