Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Icing Frost Yourself on 17 Cosmetics Midnight Sapphire

Hi guys! I hope everyone is having a lovely week/day. Apparently it's Fat Tuesday? Well, not really Tuesday where I am anymore but what is Fat Tuesday? Am I allowed to eat anything and everything today? Because.. I do that everyday :D

Anyway, here's a nice glitter I got a long time ago from a swap with the lovely Kellie Gonzo. It's from Icing, and it's the only Icing polish I have. I wish I had their magnetic polishes though! I am currently wearing a mattified magnetic polish (try it!) and am still in that stage of awe.

I did 1 coat of Icing Frost Yourself over 17 Cosmetics Midnight Sapphire (a blue shimmer). There are 2 or 3 (not sure) sizes of silver holo glitter. The glitter lies completely flat (yay!), but I added a top coat anyway.

I love the blurry shots!

I'll be pretty busy for the rest of the week, because I have a test on Friday. I hate tests. I've also been really lazy, I haven't removed my polish in a week! I did layer a magnetic over my initial manicure and then mattify it, so that counts right?

PS: Happy belated birthday to Elizabeth and Katy! <3

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

OPI I Lily Love You on Barry M Red Black

Hi! Happy Valentine's Day/Singles Awareness Day! I hope you guys had a fun day with lots of chocolate! Mine wasn't exactly fun but at least chocolate was involved!

Okay over-enthusiastic paragraph aside, I didn't get to do a lovey heart shape-filled design because I was busy fighting Dementors. Which sounds way cooler than what I was actually doing, so I'll stick to that. Instead, here's something that at least has the word "love" in it.

I did 1 coat of OPI I Lily Love You over Barry M Red Black. And because I lily love all of you, I have a ton of photos.

Camera flash

Artificial lighting

I added China Glaze Matte Magic after a couple of days:

Artificial lighting

I lily love this polish! ;)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wowwow #62

Sorry for the crappy title. I swear, Asian polish brands need to hire someone to name their polishes. Maybe I should start a company and other polish companies can hire me to come up with names.

Anyway, today I'm posting glitter because it's Kirsten's birthday! Although it's past 12am where I am, I'm from the future so it's still her birthday in her timezone! Happy birthday! <333 Remind me to send you instructions for care of my nail beds when you take them on weekends! ;)

I bought this glitter while I was on holiday, and it was quite cheap so I wasn't expecting much. It did turn out to be really pretty though! I used 1 coat of Wowwow #62 over a black creme. There's holo glitter and purple glitter in it.

I used two different cameras to take these photos, because one showed the holo glitter more and the other showed the purple glitter more.

I love glitter! Probably not as much as Kirsten does ;)

I deleted a whole bunch of photos today because they featured my super long nails which looked incredibly ugly. I can't believe I actually thought they looked good because they were long. I definitely prefer my nails short. Even if it means filing more often, remind me never to grow my nails that long ever again.

Everyone now needs to go and spam Kirsten's blog with birthday wishes! (:

Saturday, February 4, 2012

China Glaze Pool Party

Hello! As promised, I dug through my giant backlog of photos to find some that were already edited/watermarked so I could write a post. I'm really sleepy so if anything I'm saying looks weird, don't mind me.

I did 3 coats of China Glaze Pool Party with top coat. It's my first neon, so I don't really know what the formula is supposed to be like but I felt like 2 coats weren't enough. It was fairly easy to put on and remove. No staining (phew!).

It's really pink in the bottle but dries a little more orange (you can see the difference in the last photo). Which is a shame, because I wanted something really neon pink, like a highlighter. 

I need more neons! I'm afraid to try yellow and green but other than that I think I'd like it! I need a red neon.

Neon is a funny word.

I hope you enjoyed that. I'm going to go read blogs until I fall asleep now. (:

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Guess This Red Contest Winner & Answer!

Hi guys! I think you've been waiting a long, long time for this. I finally closed Day 10 of the contest and picked a winner!

I did this contest because I didn't want to have just any giveaway. There are tons of people who follow a blog just to get free stuff, and I'm not interested in having those people follow my blog. I also love puzzles/mystery-solving, so I thought maybe other people might enjoy that too.

I'm surprised at the different names of red polishes I got as answers. There were all sorts of brands, from China Glaze to Zoya and even Nails Inc! I only got one correct answer on Day 1, but as the days went on, more people seemed to get it. Surprisingly, I did get a wrong answer on Day 10, which was the easiest clue. Obviously that someone didn't do their research ;)

I'm glad to know that some of you had fun! I also loved reading all your suggestions and all the other stuff you wrote. Thanks for making me have as much fun sorting the entries as you guys did entering them! <3

Now comes the interesting part. The answer: Nubar Competition Red. Congratulations to everyone who got it right!

And the winner is.....

Congratulations Leona Carolina!

 Once again, thanks for entering! I'll be back to posting as usual within the next few days (: