Saturday, March 26, 2011

Swap with Kellie Gonzo

I finally finished my Chemistry test. After an entire week (actually just about 4 days) of hardcore studying and listening to the same playlist (which is my Study playlist and has only instrumental songs like soundtracks etc.) daily, I can confidently say..

I am probably going to fail that test. I am probably going to fail so hard, they'll put my paper in the dictionary next to the word "fail" as a definition.

On the bright side, I have a whole bunch of stuff that is impossible to get here. All thanks to Kellie (whose blog is awesome by the way, I'm sure you've seen it) who kindly agreed to do a swap with me. I know I've said it before, but thank you so so so so (times infinity) much! <3

This was my first ever swap and it could not have been better (:

Also, my watermark has become increasingly obnoxious-looking to me, even though I haven't changed it since I made it. :/

Lippmann Wicked Game
Revlon Perplex
OPI You're A Doll
China Glaze Fortune Teller
Nina Ultra Pro In A Tiff

Wet N Wild French White Creme
Nubar Competition Red
Nox Twilight Red Velvet

Sinful Colors Hottie
Icing Frost Yourself
Milani Hi-Tech
Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Diamond

I've worn a couple of them already (too excited :P ) and am wearing the OPI now. I have a little formal-ish school related activity tomorrow so it's quite appropriate.

I would post pictures of what I sent her, but only after she's received it. I like giving surprises. Haha. I doubt mine can top hers, but.. hopefully she will like it (:

I love each and every single one of these polishes to death. I'll be holding on to them on my deathbed. They must be buried with me so that no one else can every own/use them. *serious face*


  1. i'm so happy that you like them dear <33

  2. Great swap. I envy you that Perplex and the Deborah Lippmann looks awesome too.
    About your test, sometimes when you think you did really bad you get a pass.

  3. Rachel Marie - I know! :D

    kelliegonzo - Like them? I LOVE them! (: <3

    marox79 - I am almost afraid to use the Lippmann. It might cause an awesome overload ;)
    I just can't help feeling that I did REALLY badly, you know? :/


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