Friday, March 11, 2011

Models Own In The Navy

I wanted to post something with OPI in it (to continue my OPI streak) but apparently I haven't uploaded it from my camera yet and I'm too lazy to do that now.

I love the name 'In The Navy'. It's way better than some of the lame ass names we've been seeing around. I won't say where ;)  Models Own is a pretty genius name itself.

Anyway, this is a navy blue (duh) creme. Nothing special but I didn't have a navy blue creme before this one. I did 2 coats with top coat, then I went to a family gathering at my aunt's house where all my little cousins were. I had to clean up the toys after they were done with them. Thank god the mani survived. It looked worn out so I added another layer of top coat.

My camera freaked out and overexposed some of the pictures. And it looks weird. I dunno. Maybe the stuff around me was reflecting weirdly :/

Under my table lamp. It's not as light as it appears here.

It's been raining/drizzling all day and I'm completely sick of it. It's cold. My toes are cold. The weather sucked today ):
I'm wearing a dark blue right now too. What a coincidence. (:


  1. With some colours and in some days photograph-taking can be a real PITA.


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