Monday, March 14, 2011

Models Own In The Navy + Elianto Olive

I still haven't uploaded pictures from my camera. And I have a lot of pictures to upload from there :/

First and foremost, my heart goes out to everyone in Japan and everyone else who was affected by the earthquake and tsunami. I am fortunate enough to live in a country where big natural disasters don't happen (or haven't happened while I've been alive). Unfortunately, not all of us have this privilege so Japan deserves whatever help anyone can give, financial or not.

And nobody seems to be replying messages/e-mails I've sent which pisses me off as well as makes me feel sad. What happened to etiquette?

Anyway, there's a long story behind this post. I was doing my nails on both my hands and feet. I hate choosing a color for my toes because I don't want to use a nice color. I feel that it's "wasting" the polish, since my feet are so far away from my eyes and I don't get to stare at the color much.

I decided to use Elianto Olive, which is.. well, olive. I usually paint my toes before my fingers, so I'd used a top coat on my toenails first, then on my fingernails. I noticed that some of the shimmer from Olive had stayed on the top coat brush and happily put itself on top of what I had on my fingernails, Models Own In The Navy.

And it looked awesome. So I decided to mix a bit of Olive with polish thinner, and put it on top of the 2 coats of In The Navy I already had on. Please click to enlarge, you won't regret it! (:

In daylight:

Under my desk lamp:

I then wondered what it would be like to mix In The Navy and Olive in liquid form. And... I think I might have to make this one.

It looks very galaxy-like!

Olive is a hard color to describe, or maybe I haven't tried. But I'm sure you can see for yourself. I've been trying to find another bottle of Olive but I think it might be discontinued. :/   I've gotten compliments from my mom's manicurist and her daughter (who is also a manicurist) when I wore this on my toes.

Okay I think I am done. I seriously need to upload those photos.


  1. That is so gorgeous! Funny you found out about this combination because of your topcoat ^^

  2. I loove the colour on your last pic. You can show us a pedi if you want.
    My sister just did my toes, using one of the polishes we bought in Berlin last week.

  3. Silva - Yeah, I love stumbling on something randomly!

    marox79 - That's nice of you to say but I don't exactly have nice-looking toes. Haha.

  4. Oh that is definitely gorgeous! I'm going to Elianto to look for the same colour! (I'll let you know if I can find it.)

  5. Cheryl - Ooh do let me know! (: They seem to have changed their bottle design and I couldn't find Olive in any of the new bottles ):


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