Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Photo Quality Comparison

I noticed something weird when I changed to .jpeg format instead of the large sized .png format. The .png format does keep the photo quality well, but it also keeps a huge file size. And that's not something I want when I like to post many many many pictures in a single post sometimes. It loads slowly for others (and myself).

The thing about .jpeg is, according to a site I read, is that every time I save, the photo quality gets lower. Since I only save my photos once after adding a watermark and resizing, I've found almost if not completely no change in quality. I guess if you keep saving and saving and saving, then there'll be an effect.

However, there's something else. After feeling really happy that I solved the slow picture loading problem, I noticed another problem: the photo quality really sucked. For this photo in particular:

I had to go back to my desktop and check, did I really take a photo like this? But no, I didn't. Did the saving of the photo degrade it that much? No. Once again, Google saved me. Apparently Blogger compresses .jpeg photos even more (can't find the site that I found that out from). Hence, we are left with a crappy unintendedly blurry shot.

I had another option, which was to use a file hosting site and I decided to use Flickr because it's so popular and they don't compress my pictures. See the difference:

Needless to say, I was (and still am) shocked. The difference is obvious. I haven't seen anyone else's pictures on Blogger that have been compressed to the extent that mine was up there. Or not that I've noticed anyway. Needless to say, I've replaced all the photos on the OPI Tease-y Does It post.

Btw, Flickr's regulations state that I have to link back to Flickr. Just in case you've clicked a photo for zooming purposes and realised that they go to Flickr. You can still zoom by clicking "Actions" above the left side of the photo on the Flickr page and choosing "View all sizes". The largest they'll allow is 1024x768, but you could always use 'Ctrl' + '+' to zoom in.

I'm starting to fall in love with Tease-y Does It again. (:

I received a long awaited package today while I was out, and I can't wait to get started using it. It's going to be awesome :D  Some things that I've been waiting for for over a month are finally in my hands. I'm completely disappointed with the unreliably slow service but what can I do? I needed it before Christmas but unfortunately, that need could not be fulfilled.

I'm no good at ending a post. I hope everyone is doing well. I used my new Mango bag today and it was exhilarating. I like new things (:


  1. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to upload pictures on my blog. I have a photobucket and flickr account. I love how easy photobucket is- but I come so close to exceeding my bandwidth. I think flickr is harder to work around though.

  2. Which part of flickr do you find hard? Once you get used to it, it'll be easy (: Photobucket has 10GB of bandwidth monthly, right? Flickr only has 300MB (for free accounts). How many pictures do you upload per month and how big are your pictures?

  3. Amazing difference! And I just have to say that your blog is beautiful, I love all the detailed pictures :)

  4. I know! I was shocked too. And thank you! Your blog is great too! (:

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