Saturday, December 4, 2010

OPI The Show Must Go On!

Of course it must!

My friend woke me up at 8am this morning (!) to have breakfast with her. And she sounded like she really really wanted to eat, so I got up after only 4 hours of sleep to go get something to eat. I used to get about 4 hours of sleep when I went to college so I guess this isn't new to me. Although, being awake before noon was quite alien.

I took a nap in the evening for almost 2 hours, but I was awoken by a phone call again. Nobody wants to let me sleep in peace today. Everybody's waking me up by calling my phone and the subject on both occasions was food.

I think this weekend will be super boring because.. Tomorrow some people will come to the house to fix some high speed internet (hopefully) and on Sunday, I'm stuck with my dad again. Argh. It's a little too complicated to get into, plus I'm not in the mood to be in a bad mood.

I was watching Napoleon Dynamite on tv. It's the craziest, silliest and one of the most awkward movies ever. There's almost no background music/soundtrack playing throughout the movie, so whenever people are sitting together in silence (this happens often), it's very awkward. And everyone in the movie is so nerdy and well.. awkward.

I also watched Mulan today! It was one of my favourite movies as a kid. I had the soundtrack and I knew every line of every song on it. I've always looked up to Mulan. The heroine that saved China and all.

I'm seeing all this snow in pictures (on blogs, Facebook) and I'm so jealous ):  I've never seen snow in my life except on tv, and that doesn't count. I know it's cold and all but... I've always wanted to experience snow. I want to go to some super snowy place right now. And wear winter clothes. I want to wear a trench coat! I love trench coats.

Something like this would be awesome.

If I wore a trench coat here, people will think I'm insane. There are so many things I don't get to wear in this country without looking like a nut. And I kind of love winter clothes.

Anyway The Show Must Go On! Ha. It's from the OPI Burlesque collection. I'm sure you've seen this before but there's absolutely no reason not to look at it again. It's stunning. Pink/copper duochrome, I'm not sure of the finish, maybe you could tell me that. It's super sparkly (as is the rest of the collection).

I don't know what it was; maybe this didn't go too well with my skin tone at first but the more I looked at it, the more I loved it. Before we went out to buy this, I told my mom, there's a colour I think you'll like. She decided on buying it the moment she saw it, before even trying it on. Thank goodness she liked it too, because it would be a waste not to get this beauty.

I did 3 coats with top coat. If you're careful (and better at painting your nails than I am), you'll probably be able to get away with 2 coats.

OPI The Show Must Go On!
In the sun.

OPI The Show Must Go On!
In the shade.

OPI The Show Must Go On!
My hands look so pale here!

OPI The Show Must Go On!
In case you can't see it, the duochrome is quite obvious on my middle finger. The left side of my nail is orangey and the right side is reddish pink.

OPI The Show Must Go On!

The duochrome isn't obvious when in the sun, but in the shade, it's really visible. If you get this, you won't be disappointed at all (:

I just realised I haven't even shown you the stuff my mom got me from Germany! And it's already December! Which is AIDS Awareness month (I think), which is red! Good thing my blog is kind of red already, right?

I can't believe Christmas is coming in 3 weeks. And my exam results will be out in probably.. less than 2 weeks. The year is almost over already ):  On the bright side, I now get to do some Christmas manis. I love Christmas! I love going to the mall and hearing all the Christmas songs. Actually I love going to the mall. Full stop. ;)

You know what would be cool? If OPI made a Christmas duochrome, like TSMGO! except.. maybe using green, red and/or gold. Completely Christmassy. It'll be called.. "The Snow Must Go On!". Haha.

How are the pictures loading today? What do you love about the year's end?


  1. I can definetely send you snow because I hate it! And I hate cold too! Arghh.. So at your place is always warm and nice? Something for me! <3

    Great polish, great nails! I really don't have any duochromes in my stash...

  2. Maybe you should come visit me ;) Bring some of that lovely snow with you! Sometimes it's very hot, too hot, with not a single cloud in the sky.

    Thanks (: You should try this if you like the color combination. I'm sure there'll be others soon (:

  3. i really like your blog :) so glad i found it!

  4. Thanks Kellie (: I really like your blog too :D


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