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Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid

Barcelona won!!

I've probably said before that I wish for both of them to draw, but the truth is.. I'm much happier when Barça wins. I'm probably like a 70-30 Barça-RM supporter. Or 60-40. I was thinking to myself before the match, if Barça loses, I will feel disappointed. 

And Barça did win! Real Madrid's performance was appalling. I expected a tighter competition, a closer match. But I don't know whether it was Barça's amazing form or Madrid's lack thereof, or a combination of both. I wanted something a little more along the lines of 3-2. 

Playing at home might have been an advantage for Barça, but 5-0 is still an impressive win. I was hoping that Messi would score, but all he did was get knocked down and a yellow card. This match was quite reminiscent of Germany's 4-0 thrashing of Argentina in the World Cup.. Except that this time, the team I was supporting did all the thrashing.

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Image from here.

Image from here.
Camp Nou looked somewhat like this last night. I wanted to take a picture of my tv.

The tension was so high in the Camp Nou. You could cut it with a knife! There were tempers flaring all throughout the game. 
  1. Pep Guardiola (Barça's manager) threw the ball aside when Cristiano Ronaldo asked for it, and in return, Cris shoved Guardiola. At first I thought that Cris deserved it because he can be a real brat sometimes, and he even gave Pep a shove. Then I watched the replay and thought, Pep shouldn't have done that, because that was really childish. A man should act like a man if he wants to be treated like one. I liked how all the Barça players reacted. They all ran out to defend their manager (who wasn't acting very much like a man), Valdes even came all the way out from the goal (unnecessary). The referee then gave Valdes and Ronaldo a yellow card each.

    I see this often in matches and it's rude every time. Pointing fingers in someone's face.. If someone pointed their finger in my face, I'd bitchslap them all the way back to China.

  2. I'm also sure that there's a big scoreboard somewhere in the stadium, so Piqué should probably not have had to remind everybody of the score.
    Image from here.
    I'm sure he wasn't just saying 'hi' to someone.

    That wasn't very nice either.

  3. I rarely see Messi making a fuss, but tonight.. Maybe he was trying to match up to Ronaldo's theatricals? He was challenged by Carvalho, and after losing the ball, he went up to confront Carvalho, who just told him to go away, elbowing Leo's face in the process. Messi went down to the ground (rather unnecessarily, when I watch the replay) and got a yellow card for trying to play the 'Cristiano'. The commentator said that Messi "felt some contact on the side of his face and fell to the floor like a sack of spuds". How could I not agree?

  4. I hate Sergio Ramos' actions at the end of the game. I know the match was tough on RM, but seriously? It was all very unnecessary (what wasn't unnecessary in this match?). First he tackled Messi, but that wasn't too bad. Then he shoved Puyol in the face, and he even pushed Xavi. I know he was angry and all but... it really should not have happened.
    Messi is still on the ground!

  5. On the bright side, I did see some shows of sportsmanship between the two teams, like Xabi helping Busquets (I think) to his feet, etc..

  6. I also liked Bojan. I was so happy when he came on the field. If I'm not mistaken, he did try to help diffuse the tension with Sergio. I also noticed that he got a haircut!

  7. I didn't notice this before, but someone pointed out that the red card was indeed orange! (see picture above)

  8. Something weird happened with the back of Khedira's shirt, like someone spray painted it or something.

  9. Messi still hasn't scored against Jose Mourinho. Also, Messi ended his run of goals in ten consecutive games. However both of Villa’s goals came from Messi's assists.

  10. Madrid still hasn't won a match in the Camp Nou since December 2007.

  11. RM finally have a loss in the La Liga. I'm glad it was at the hands of Barça, and not any other team.

  12. If I counted correctly, there were three somersaults in the whole game. One of which belonged to Puyol when he was pushed by Sergio.

  13. The goals!
    Image from here.
    Xavi 9'

    Image from here.
    Pedro 18'

    Image from here.
    David Villa 54'

    Image from here.
    David Villa 58'

    Image from here.
    Jeffren 90'

  14. The news reporter on the news pronounced Messi's name as "Lye-ohnel". I.. did not know what to say.
Well, maybe RM will win in the Bernabeu? You never know. This match isn't everything, and there's always time for change/improvement. It's definitely possible that RM will show us a side we didn't get to see in this match. 

Messi looked cold (temperature wise) throughout the game, whereas Ronaldo looked hot (more than one definition of 'hot' may be applicable).

I honestly hope that none of this tension will be carried with them when they play in their national team again. Puyol has said that what happens on the field stays on the field, and I hope that holds true.

I'm also really disappointed that everyone decided that the Camp Nou was the place to suddenly revert back to being 8 years old. I hope everyone went home and learned something from this.

After this match, I went to bed (at 6.30am, after typing some of this post) and dreamed that for some reason, I got to stay in the same house as Alvaro Arbeloa, and the two Fernandos - Llorente and Torres! We were in a small house, which, in my dream, was Torres' mother's house (I did not see his mother). Weird, I know. But it was small and cosy. I got to stay there for 3 days and 2 nights.

It turns out Llorente is REALLY tall (despite being tall myself) and I got to touch his hair.. Which was really silky ;)  There was a little bit of something to do with playing video games. It was an innocent dream, if that's what you're wondering! ;)

I was woken from my dream by my stupid alarm. Argh. It ruins all the good dreams. >:(  I think this may make it into the list of my favourite dreams along with the one of Cobra Starship.

To make the Madridistas feel better, here is a picture of Iker lying on the grass.

Image from here.
Doesn't he look like he's sunbathing.. without the sun?

Anyway this match puts Barça in the lead in the La Liga by two points. It's not a huge difference but a difference is a difference. Maybe Real Madrid will overtake Barça during the next el clásico?

Btw this just appeared on my twitter and it's OUTRAGEOUS. I didn't see what happened in the UEFA Champions League match, but... that is a LOT of money to be fining people. Wow. Mourinho is banned for one match and suspended for another after Xabi Alonso and Sergio Ramos were suspected of deliberately getting themselves red cards. Xabi and Sergio were fined €20,000 each, €10,000 for Iker Casillas, €5,000 for Jerzy Dudek and €40,000 for Mourinho. Add another €120,000 for Real Madrid, and that makes.. €260,000! I can't believe Mou is banned again and.. all that money. I've always wondered how FIFA makes money, some of it must come from things like this!

Did you watch this? What did you think?


  1. I totally agree with all you wrote down, that's the most objective opinion I have read till now. :) I was so sorry for Iker and also Cristiano, because he had a few chances but no one was there. :/ I just hate it when all around accuse CR for not playing fairplay, because I would definetely punch Pepe in his face. xD

  2. Thanks Ivana! You always say the nicest things (: Yeah, it was just not RM's night :/ What did Pepe do? I must've missed something :S

  3. Oh misunderstanding, I meant Pepe Guardiola, not Pepe the player, I'm used to call him Pepe. :) You should hear our reporter of match, he is a total fan of Barcelona... He also made me gone crazy a few times! :D

  4. Oh. My commentator was very unbiased. He made a couple of jokes too. Pep should have just let Cris have the ball. Throwing it aside when Cris asked for it really just made Pep look like a scorned child.

  5. Loved your objective view to what happened. Barcelona played amazingly and deserved to win so congrats.

  6. Thanks Smart CoOkie (: I'm not one of the Barça supporters who is looking to find fault in only the opposite team. I wasn't too happy seeing RM making it easier for Barcelona :/ I can't wait for the one at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium!

  7. Hi, I just joined your blog.
    It's fun reading your comments on the Spanish league matches. You seem to be really into it. Where are you from, btw?
    I'm a 100% Barça supporter. Loved Villa and the rest of the team's reaction when Cr7 shoved Guardiola. They went to him like a pack of hyenas.
    Loved Villa pointing out the obvious to Cr7!! When he loses, he either kicks other players or spits at the camera, ;( Don't know why people look up to him. Imo, it seems to me he's a lot more worried about looking good on camera than just playing.

    I was disappointed in Sergio Ramos's behaviour. I did not expect that from him at all. After all, they all play in the same team, i.e. the one who got the Euro and World Cup, thanks to Barça players mostly.
    Pity neither Xavi nor Iniesta got the Balon d'Or. I think they deserved it, but apparently FIFA only likes granting the award to scorers, which is plain stupid in my opinion. I wouldn't object to Casillas getting it, why not? They make it look as if only scorers are worthy of it. Messi will have plenty of opportunities in his career to get more Balon d'Or, but I doubt the same can be said about either Xavi or Andrés.
    All TV sports debates have been pretty heated here. As they said, what does a Spaniard have to do to get a Balon d'Or? Climb the Everest on top of winning the World Cup?

    I'll be popping by regularly for more nail / un-nail stuff!


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