Thursday, December 23, 2010

OPI Teenage Dream on white

For once, I wanted to be one of the first to put this up. I'm always lagging behind when it comes to swatches and stuff, so while this is still fresh, I wanted to at least give you a peek.

My mom got this as an early Christmas gift and she loves it. I haven't worn it on its own yet, but she has. She said that the polish on one of her nails just came off. The whole thing. I've never had that happen to me before, not on the whole nail. Maybe just part of it coming off in chunks, like OPI Mad As A Hatter did.

Anyway, OPI Teenage Dream is from the Katy Perry collection, which I didn't even know was out yet. I wonder where my mom's friend bought this from. It has medium-sized hexagonal silver holo glitter and small rectangular silver glitter. I only know the shapes because I zoomed in on my computer, but you would see it as round and tiny (micro?) glitter in real life.

The base is a very sheer, light pink which reminds me a bit of Barbie dolls. This is one slightly thick coat of OPI Teenage Dream over China Glaze White on White. You know what to expect when OPI does glitters because they're always awesome. I hate seeing glitters that aren't sparkly. It just defeats the purpose.

I only did one nail because I was doing some layering experiments. I went on a layering craze today, and I don't feel like stopping anytime soon ;)

ChG White on White & OPI Teenage Dream

It's very sparkly and I would say it's work safe, although I don't go to work and I don't know about your work area, but my mom has worn it to work so I guess it's alright. On its own, I think it would take at least 3 coats for opacity, probably even more. It doesn't look that good over white. It probably looks better on its own.

ChG White on White & OPI Teenage Dream

ChG White on White & OPI Teenage Dream

My mom's friend wanted to buy the black crackle, but they were sold out. Damn ):

It feels kinda cool being an early bird for once. I'll definitely try this on its own in the next couple of days and I'll let you know how it goes. (:  While you're waiting, you might as well enjoy this music video of Teenage Dream by Katy Perry (I think this polish's base color is the color of Katy's lips).


  1. ooh, what a pretty glitter polish! nice being the early bird~ haha

  2. This is the first swatch I've seen of this! Looks nice!

  3. When I saw pictures of this collection I was sure I'll somehow get this one, but when I saw swatches it didn't convince me. :D I don't like sheer glitters, because I rarely use any polish for layering. xD

  4. Katrina - Haha. It feels awesome :D

    KarenD - Really? I've seen someone else's swatches already. It's nice for layering or for subtle days.

    Ivana - I'm not sure exactly how sheer it is/how many coats to opacity but I'm gonna get on that soon (:

  5. Hm, I'm generally not one for sheer glitters, but I kinda like it :)


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