Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On the Edge.

Sorry, no polish today. But if you're bored I guess you could keep reading.

Hi. A quick update letting you know that I feel like this day has gone on forever because I woke up at 9am this morning instead of my usual 2pm. I keep wondering why everyone else is still awake because I think it must be past midnight already, but it's not. :/

So according to this world clock, my exam results will be available online at 5.30am local time. I doubt if I'll stay up late until that time, because it's only 11 something now and I'm already feeling sleepy and I still have to get up early tomorrow so I wonder how sleepy I'll be when Thursday comes.

This will be me:

I am currently feeling relaxed about it, because I have high hopes, as usual. I just hope I don't get disappointed. And I have a couple of really big decisions to make as quickly as possible. :/

I hope the site doesn't crash or something. That would be the most unfortunate thing. I think I would die of nerves if that happened. And I don't know if I'll be able to sleep after getting my results, whether it's good or bad.

OH there was an interesting story about today. My friend and I went to the mall today (Ha!) and wanted to go into Mango (it's called MNG here), but there was a VIP preview sale where only people who had spent a certain rather high amount of money in a single receipt this year would be able to enter.

I was very much taken aback as we were about to leave the store entrance dejectedly, when a lady who had the card that granted you entry asked us if we wanted to go in (I think each person with the card gets to bring 2 friends). I think someone had to pick my jaw up off the floor. We had to fill in a couple of details on the card and we were in!

To the kind random lady who brought a pair of shopaholic teenagers in with her to the sale, THANK YOU SO MUCH. You completely made my day and I can't thank you enough. I wanna paint your nails for you as a symbol of my gratitude.

I am just really shocked because usually, people here are more of the 'every man for himself' (or in this case, woman) type. I really wanted to hug her in that moment.

At least we got to a couple of stuff before the general public did. I really wanted this bag, but I found it was slightly damaged so I'm going to go look for another one in a different branch tomorrow. I did buy a black cardigan.

I guess that's about it. Wish me luck :/


  1. So, how did it go? I'm sure you have some great news for us, right? :) I'm not sure if you already know but good luck anyway! :*

    Come on, you're a VIP now, you can do everything. :P

  2. The results are out on Thursday morning (Wednesday night in Europe), not Wednesday. So.. I have 5 and a half hours to go. I sure hope to have good news for you! (:

    Haha. I wish! I'm just a person who piggybacked another person's VIP status for a couple of hours. No more VIP now ):


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