Friday, December 17, 2010

Astor #66

(Most of this post was typed on the 15th of December, so 'today' = 15th Dec and 'yesterday' = 14th Dec)

I don't know why, but a lot of things seem to be happening nowadays. First the Mango incident, and today.. something else. But I just realised I typed a really long story for you and maybe you don't wanna read that, so I put a jump. The polish comes first (:

I had a dilemma of which polish to use because as much as I wanted to stick to the Christmas theme that I'd planned for the entire December (which obviously didn't happen) and started with the Narnia nails, I didn't want to use OPI's Merry Midnight yet or Party Hearty so I decided to just pick one of the German ones my mom got me.

I ended up with this, Astor #66. It's VERY pretty, like something you would find at the bottom of the ocean while scuba diving.

The polish has this kind of color.

I took the longest time ever trying to decide what color this polish was, and settled for a blue that flashes green. It was hard to tell for me because blues and greens can sometimes come very close together. Unfortunately, my camera also found it hard to distinguish, so all the pictures came up pretty color-inaccurate. It's supposed to glow a nice ocean-y green, but in the pictures it's just blue.

But seriously. In the right kind of light, this is beautiful. The green shimmer in the blue base really makes it pop. For this brand that I've never seen/heard of before, it's doing really well to impress me (:

I did 4 coats with top coat because it was quite sheer, and after 4 I refused to do any more. That rhymed. The brush strokes are slightly visible, which isn't really a good thing for me because I don't always paint in straight vertical lines, especially when I'm painting with my non-dominant hand.

Astor #66
On the top of my pinky finger you can see a glow, in real life it's close to that but greener. 

Astor #66

Astor #66
I like this picture (:

Astor #66

Astor #66
Under my lamp light.

Astor #66
Artificial light. I'm loving the macro shots. Can you tell?

This was so pretty, I almost didn't want to take it off. The wear was good too, but I can't remember how long I was wearing it for :/  No chips, just tip wear. I would name this.. Ocean Deep (Sephora by OPI already has one named Ocean Love Potion, so I don't want to name it Ocean Potion).

I am so sleepy. Finally I'm done with this post and I can go to bed. I slept at 7am and woke up at 4pm after checking my results online. I am ready to melt into my bed.

I hope your week's as good as mine has been so far (:  Read after the jump break if you're bored and want to know what might happen to you if you go to a mall alone and almost pass out.

As you know (or maybe you don't remember), I set out early today (early being 9.45am) to look for my bag. Fortunately, the store I went to had 3 pieces in stock. Actually, this one was a bazillion times better than the one yesterday (different branch). They had more quantities of the item, maybe because of the huge sale that went on at yesterday's branch, which probably wasn't as 'happening' as today's.

After scrutinizing every excruciating detail of all 3 pieces to decide which one to buy, I chose the one that I felt was as close to perfect as it could get. So I walked out of Mango happily and went to get some breakfast (I hadn't eaten anything since I woke up) and had a toffee nut frappuccino and a wholegrain apple muffin (don't eat this, it's not very good).

I spent ages sitting in the armchair until I felt I was ready to go because my stomach had started hurting. As I was walking back to my car, I felt some telltale signs that I absolutely needed to sit or lie down, like seeing stars (phosphene) and pins and needles/tingling in my limbs. So I found a bench in front of a shoe store and sat there feeling nauseous.

I still didn't feel good after awhile, and the guy who worked in the shoe shop started to get concerned so he called the lady from the Information Counter, who put me in a wheelchair (not a very comfortable one at that) and literally pushed me to go to the clinic. I never knew there was a clinic in the mall.

The doctor was really kind but a consultation against my will (and making me pay for it) was just not what I needed for the day. She took my blood sugar level and blood pressure. I think my blood pressure was about.. 80/60 (for healthy normal adults it should be 120/80).

The Information Counter lady wouldn't let me do anything, not even stand up, even after she made me drink a little carton of orange juice. She insisted that I shouldn't drive (even after I knew I was well enough to drive) and so I had to call my friends. In the end, my friend and her mom came to get me. I was dying to get out of the wheelchair simply because it wasn't as comfortable as I'd have liked and I really needed the bathroom (didn't think she'd let me go in my 'condition').

She did leave me on the same bench where she found me while I was waiting for my friend, so the shoe shop guy was staring at me the whole time I was waiting. I think she thought I was anorexic because she tried to talk to me about eating habits and how I should eat as much as I want and not worry about gaining weight. She was telling me about herself (she does look pretty good after having six kids) and how she eats anything she wants.

I do actually eat anything I want, if it's available to me at the time. Mostly at 2am in the morning I crave for things that aren't available to me, so maybe I eat something else or I just don't eat.

Conclusion: If you're alone at the mall and are about to pass out, you will be put in a wheelchair and you will be sent to the in-mall clinic for a consultation that you did not want and did not want to pay for.

But you'll live. And regret choosing that particular bench to sit on.


  1. Pretty! Looks like this might be a close relative of Zoya Charla and her dupes.

  2. I thought about that too! But since I don't have any of those to compare, I can't :/ According to internet swatches, the color is about the same as Zoya Charla, but the finish is different.


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