Friday, December 10, 2010

Astor #70

(If you see a 'Peace' sign in the title, that was supposed to be this: #. Apparently the font I'm using uses different symbols)

I finally got some nail wheels! Not complete essentials but they look fun. And they were pretty cheap too. Like USD3.20. For 5 wheels! I still need a couple of brushes so I'll go get them tomorrow. My only concern is that when I tried to put top coat on the nail wheel swatches, they turned kind of matte in some sections, which is really weird. I guess this type of plastic doesn't go too well with it. Or with nail polish remover. I think some of the plastic of the wheel is actually reacting with the chemicals and becoming.. toxic gas. I hate Chemistry ):

This post was supposed to go up way earlier but every time I tried to type it out, my Internet would die and I'd have to wait, playing with my nail wheels. Also in the same mall that I got my nail wheels from, I found some maybe hard to find polishes, like China Glaze LOL (which cost USD16.50!). I also saw Nubar Wildlife, anyone looking for that? They had some Orly, China Glaze and Nubar which I have never seen elsewhere (except ChG, I've seen that around).

I'm thinking, if I open a store selling all the less locally popular brands for a cheaper price than OPI is going for, maybe I could make some money. But then again I'm not sure how crazy the nail polish lovers are here (besides me ;) ) and I don't know if it'll sell because nobody has ever heard about these brands (besides me ;) ).

Anyway, I hate nameless polishes. Names are so much easier to remember compared to numbers. And besides, all the things brands try to do with the naming of their polishes give us much entertainment. Either we cringe at the awfulness of the name, or we are left with a name that never leaves our heads for it is pure brilliance.

This brand Astor is made in Spain. And as far as I know, everything that's made in Spain is awesome. Spanish football, 'nuff said. This one lasted from Wednesday or Thursday (can't remember) all the way 'til Monday, when I wanted a color change, with no major chips and only tipwear. The bottle only has 6mL, which is 1/3 the amount in an Orly bottle.

I did 3 coats with topcoat. The first coat scared me a bit because it was quite sheer, but then after 3 coats it was alright. It looks uneven in the picture because it is, because you know I'm not really good at painting. If I'm not mistaken, the color is actually darker in real life. My camera hates blues. And greens. And purples.

Astor #70

Astor #70

Astor #70

The morning my friend woke me up early to have breakfast, this abominable thing happened. I BROKE A NAIL. I realize how bimbotic this sounds, especially since despite having weak nails, I've never had to complain about actually breaking a piece of my nail off. And this was before we even got to sit down for breakfast ):

WM #70

Since it left such a sharp edge, I filed the corner away and have decided to live with a oddly shaped nail until it grows out. I don't want to file everything down to a short length.

I'm starting to get quite mood swing-y lately, but I guess that's part and parcel of being female. (Almost) Everyone and everything is annoying me and I'm still quite annoyed at my dad. I'm always getting hungry at around 2.30am, and not even for something good like an apple. I always want some fries or junk food. I actually really want to eat ALL THE TIME. Argh.

Anyway, I hope you're enjoying yourself more than I am. (:

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