Sunday, December 12, 2010


I've been putting off posting this until I managed to get my Christmas blog decorations up. Less than 2 weeks to Christmas now! It might take awhile to load, but I think it looks good.

The weather is REALLY hot today. This really makes me wish I was having winter now. I could really use some snow right now.

My friend won two tickets to the premiere of 'The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader' and she brought me with her. For those who are still in the dark, this is the third movie (after 'The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe' and 'Prince Caspian') in the series based on the books by C.S. Lewis. We get to see Prince King Caspian again :D  I love Caspian!

Second movie.

Caspian grew some facial hair, but he still looks like he aged less than Lucy & Edmund (time in Narnia passes faster than time in our world).

Everything was alright in the movie, but it wasn't great. I love the series, and this didn't really live up to my expectations. To me, as a movie series goes on, the level of awesomeness of the movie must increase. Take Harry Potter for instance (minus the 5th movie). The first part of the 7th movie blew me away. And this can only mean one thing: the LAST Harry Potter movie will be the best one EVER.

While I was trying out the polishes from Germany, I decided to go with a gold but it was way too sheer and I hate not having opaque coverage for colours like that so I chose the red instead. Then I thought, hey.. Why not use the gold too?

I tried out the scotch tape mani from Chloe's Nails. I happened to have some of that matte white tape I like to call 'magic tape' (must've seen it on Art Attack or something) because you can stick it on paper and rip it off without ripping part of the paper. Unlike regular cellophane tape. I guess this takes some practice, 'cause I didn't really manage to do it very well.

For this I used Astor #25 (red) and BeYu #391 (gold). When I was deciding what to use, I picked up the red, looked at it and thought it looked a lot like the Narnia logo. And once I was done with the mani, I realised it was quite Christmassy.

The red reminds me of China Glaze Ruby Pumps (which I'm saving for Christmas!), but since I haven't tried it yet, I can't tell you how close they are, if they are close at all. The beautiful golden shimmer that shows up in the bottle doesn't translate on the nail ):

Astor #25 & BeYu #391
I took this picture while I was driving my aunt's car (a bazillion points to whoever can guess what car it was!). I stopped at a traffic light, because it was red. And then it turned green while I was still fiddling with my camera :/

Astor #25 & BeYu #391

Astor #25 & BeYu #391
This was taken in the sun. Excuse the chips/wear. This was after a few days and my nails were kinda thin from peeling.

I thought it was kinda cool to wear Narnia themed nails to the premiere :D  And sorry for the lame title. I couldn't resist ;)  I really wanna watch Tangled (or Rapunzel, as it's known in some places). Mmm Zachary Levi. Just his voice anyway.

The tree you see in the background (I hope you see a tree) is the Christmas tree in my house. My dad decorated it. The lights around it are lights from the tree too. And the awkward lonely bottle of polish in the blog header is China Glaze's Party Hearty.

Have you watched any good movies lately?
I forgot to ask: Is the background making it hard for you to read the posts? :/


  1. I want to watch HP (yes, I haven't seen it yet -shock and horror!) and after this I will watch the American.
    P.S. I like the background, and it doesn't make it hard to read!

  2. You haven't seen HP?! :O Shock and horror is right! Go and watch it ASAP! Thanks, I think I might have put too many lights in it :P


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