Monday, November 8, 2010

China Glaze Betrays Me.

I should tell you first, I LOVE white nail polish. It speaks volumes that other colors of nail polish cannot express. It's clean, it's beautiful, it's classy (much like our my Xabi Alonso, no? ;) )

Does he look good in a suit, or what?

Anyway. I've only had one bottle of white nail polish before, Sally Hansen something something (you know she has a billion ranges) and it was alright. I think. That was all before I knew anything to do with nail polish. Actually I think it was streaky. But back then I never did more than 2 coats. Never. I don't know why. I didn't care about opacity, maybe. 

That was, until I bought China Glaze White on White. With high hopes that were not let down by previous bottles of China Glaze (Light As Air, Four Leaf Clover, Secret Peri-wink-le, etc.), I used this for the first time for my Halloween mani. 

When I first looked at the bottle, I noticed a bit of separation. I thought, maybe this bottle has been sitting around for too long. Let me shake it up. So I did. I shook. And thought it was well mixed. And so layer number one went on. Immediately I was like WTF? But continued. Before the second layer, I shook again. And, well, the process continued.......

Sorry for posting the same picture again, this is the only picture of White on White I have.
Btw the grey is China Glaze Recycle.

... until I had reached 5 coats.

5 coats for a China Glaze, can you imagine? I understand that this is a white, and whites are generally difficult when it comes to opacity. At 4 coats I could still see a bit of streakiness, which tends to annoy me when I'm bored and looking at my nails.

After Light As Air, my expectations of ChG's quality have risen significantly. I thought this would be a 2-3 coater (it was, but only after applying a few times), but no. Streaky, runny, chalky, milky, thin... It was like I was painting my nails with milk! Which sounds cool but no, it's horrible.

Unlike White on White, Happy Go Lucky and Lemon Fizz seemed particularly thick for me when I tried it. And whoever runs ChG's Twitter said to me when I mentioned this to her: "The formula for cremes tends to be a little thicker...we want them to have enough coverage or else they would be called "sheers"!".

Um. Hello? Is this not a white creme? Hmm? Maybe I got a really old, bad bottle. I don't know. Where's the consistency, China Glaze? Where is the beautiful, smooth, amazing formula I found in Light As Air? WHERE?

This is one of my Halloween horrors. Bad polish from a good brand. Maybe, maybe over time it will get better. I've never known a polish to get better over time, but maybe China Glaze can surprise me. AGAIN.

I will definitely be trying this again (maybe I already have, by the time you read this) and hopefully China Glaze will send a pleasant surprise my way.


  1. Aw, I just hope next time will be better...

  2. 5 coats? Ö That's just bad! I prefer 3 coats most and then I have to use fast dry TC or my mani become just a mess. But 5! :/ Not good, not from ChG...

    P.S.: I gave you few awards on my blog! :)

  3. @Silva: Thanks, I hope so too! I love white too much (:

    @Ivana: I know!! I hate doing anything more than 2 coats (sometimes I don't have a choice :/ ) and I don't even have a fast dry TC (I'll probably get one soon).

    I saw the awards, but didn't have time to do the tags! Now that my exams are over, I have all the time in the world. Thank you so much! <3

  4. I put on two HUGE coats of White on White, it looks somewhat presentable after that. But then it takes ages to dry and there's definitely still some streaks.

  5. I guess I could've done that too, but I hate waiting for it to dry, especially since I don't have a fast drying top coat! I always get sheet marks :/


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