Thursday, November 4, 2010

October Nails & OPI

I decided to pimp out my October nails with some of my favourite OPIs! Okay, who doesn't love OPI? What planet are you from? OPI is so full of awesome. Anyway these two OPIs that I used on top of my October nails are OPI DS Chiffon (left hand) and OPI Are You A Movie Star? (right hand). I believe both of these are discontinued, unfortunately. 

Are You A Movie Star is probably one of the best OPIs ever made. Probably on par with Mad As A Hatter (Sorry, MAAH, I still love you). I've not been stalking OPIs collections and polishes for the longest time but still, how often does OPI come up with something as awesome as this? Holo regular glitter, holo string glitter and holo hex glitter all in one? Maybe I sleepwalked to the OPI headquarters and barfed the contents of my dreams out because holy crap, this is amazing! 

And the best part is, I didn't even pick this out! My mom picked it out for herself, and (ssh, I borrowed it) she usually picks boring red/copper/nude shades. 

DS Chiffon, one of the early polishes from the Designer Series range, is actually a pink holo, but the holo didn't show up on the bottle here. I actually helped my mom choose this one. And this was a long time ago. Now pinks don't look that good on me, and I would probably have chosen a darker color. The label for this bottle actually fell off (or was it there in the first place?) so I can't be 100% sure that it's DS Chiffon, but I think I'm 80% sure. 

(Edit: This post is very picture heavy, so click 'Read more' to see pictures!)

OPI DS Chiffon and Are You A Movie Star? 

What I had for the October mani: Barry M Mint Green, China Glaze Four Leaf Clover and Skin Food pink. (In conjunction with Breast Cancer and Depression Awareness)

First up: Are You A Movie Star?

Seriously. Click on this. Enlarge it. Please. 

This looks like I took it in the desert! This was under the evening sun. Not very bright :/
This looks and feels kinda Christmas-y. Maybe I'll try something similar for the holidays if I can't get China Glaze's Party Hearty.

This was taken on my newly clean desk. Under my really old Ikea lamp. 


Okay as much as I love Are You A Movie Star?, I think the DS Chiffon won this battle. Somehow the holo effect was much better 

In the shade, on top of my drawers.

Under the evening sun.

Excuse the chip. This was after 4 days of wear. Barry M and China Glaze held up against chips!

The holo effect was so much better than in this photo. Holos don't always show up well in photos. 

Under the lamp.


Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn't, but DS Chiffon gave a pink glow to the Barry M and to a lesser extent, to Four Leaf Clover too.

Four Leaf Clover with DS Chiffon.

Mint Green with DS Chiffon. See that pink glow around that spot of light?

It's completely possible that the pink glow is what made me love DS Chiffon's effect more, because it totally transformed a boring ol' creme into something... interesting! Silly me, I forgot to try using China Glaze's Wireless Holographic Topcoat to compare its effect with DS Chiffon. 

I hope you're having a great time this early November, I know I'm not! I really feel like changing the font on my blog titles and dates, what do you think?

P.S.: I've just found out that Friday (5th November) is a Public Holiday here! What a fantastic excuse to paint my nails! :D

Tell me what's going on with you! (:

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