Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

October has finally come to an end, and it's finally Halloween! Not that I celebrate Halloween. Zero trick-or-treaters here. And I've never had candy corn before. Does it taste like corn? That would be gross!

You know how Halloween's supposed to be all spooky and scary and full of horror? And you're supposed to watch movies that make you scream because they're just so scary? Well. I'll tell you what you can "watch" to get your dose of scream. Right here. Right in this post. Yeah. Not only do I do nails, I also specialize in scaring the crap out of people. WITH MY NAILS. Because once you've seen my Halloween (so tempted to call this Horror-ween) nails, you'll be screaming. You'll be horrified. Curious?

Okay maybe you won't be screaming but it's pretty bad. This is why I almost never do nail art. It ends up.. well, bad. I don't have a steady hand like a lot of manicurists (also one of the reasons why becoming a surgeon is not ideal, in addition to my refusal to examine and repair people's insides for a living). And I can never draw right.

This mani took SO LONG. It's the longest time I've ever taken to do a mani, ever. EVER. And if that wasn't warning enough, the night before I was going to paint what was supposed to be cool/spooky/cute stuff on top of the base colors, I spilled half of what was left in my nail polish remover bottle. Thank God I had an Ikea desk protector, and I had maybe 1/3 of the bottle left and it was a small bottle of Cutex. But it was still a lot. And it was all wasted.

AND this was probably the... third or fourth time I spilled nail polish remover everywhere because I was doing clean-up and I didn't close the bottle. History repeats itself. Until you learn your lesson. And since then I've been screwing the cap on and unscrewing it when I need more remover. Which is a hassle, but I don't want a repeat.

Before painting, I planned everything out, imagined it all in my head, and wrote it down. Of course it didn't turn out exactly how I imagined it. My brain is too ambitious.

I have like 17 pictures. Yay?

(Edit: This post is very picture heavy, so read more after the jump!)

Base colors on my left hand, thumb to pinky (no. of coats): Elianto Twilight Zone (2), China Glaze White on White (5), Skin Food un-named black polish (2), China Glaze Four Leaf Clover (2), Elianto Chili Red (2)

Base colors on my right hand (no. of coats): China Glaze White on White (5 except for 3 on pinky), China Glaze Recycle (3)
I like this picture. It doesn't show how messed up White on White is. But more on that later.

This was from before I put on a top coat. I think I'll let you guess what each of these is before I tell you. No cheating!

The rest are from after I put on a top coat. Which was where it all started going horribly wrong. Or rather, more wrong.

In the sun. Woohoo! The sun came out!

In the shade.

In the sun.

In the shade.

My thumbs!

If you haven't guessed yet by now, then.. too bad. I'm going to tell you the answers.

Left hand: 
Thumb - Spiderweb (easy)
Index - Mummy (failed attempt)
Middle - Discolored pumpkin (I had to mix my own orange and I wasn't doing well at it)
Ring - Frankenstein's monster (also easy)
Pinky - ?? (I intended this to look like an evil eye sorta thing, but it turned out to be a.. sideways fish? I don't know ): )
By "easy" I mean easy to guess.

Right hand:
Thumb: Spider (easy)
Index: Weird sad-looking face (I intended this to be a little ghost, but I drew the eyes wrong, they were supposed to be higher and smaller. Consequently, the mouth became much bigger as well :/ )
Middle: Blood spatter 
Ring: Tombstone (easy)
Pinky: Skull (this didn't turn out as I expected either)

Close-ups of everything:

I love my monster. Even though he has yellow eyes from the Four Leaf Clover's superior staining power. I freaked when I saw the white I used turn yellow. Live. Right after I painted it. Then I thought of all the nasty things it was doing to my nail. 

The face was originally terrified, but now it just looks sad. Damn top coat dragged everything. It was bad before, but now it's worse! I love the blood spatter though, I've been waiting to do that. And I like the dragging a little on the tombstone, it makes it look old-ish. 

My thumbs in the shade and in the sun. The spider and its web. I like my spider. And its web. 

I think now we've established that
a) I can't do nail art
b) I definitely can't do nail art with my left hand, unless I'm doing abstract designs or drawing scraggly spider legs.
c) I need a new top coat

I know that wasn't exactly aesthetically pleasing, but I promise, no more nail art. Until Christmas! Haha. This took up so much of my time to do, time I should've spent studying! My exams start tomorrow. I've scheduled some posts so that my blog stays just a little bit alive while I'm burying myself in books. 

P.S.: My mom has forbidden me from painting my nails during my ENTIRE exam period (approx. 10 days). #^#@%$@$#&  How will I survive? :'(  This is my nightmare!! FML ):

What do you think? And how was your Halloween?


  1. Ooh, I like it! It's way better than anything I can make :) I like the pumpkin and gravestone the most.

  2. Ö This is a looong post. :) I really like reading your posts, just pictures took sooo long to show up. x) But I patientely waited. :D

    You definetely have some nail art skills, because it looks so crazy and cute! Great work! I also spilled my nail polish remover a few times. xD One was with strawberry and one was with blueberries I think, one was without any scent. You can imagine the smell of my room for days, natural scent, yeah right. x)

    Wish you a lot of luck with your exams! But you should paint your nails, well spending a few minutes on your mani, just to brighten your day and make it even easier to study. I can't study if my nails aren't painted with a color I love. x)

  3. @Silva: Thank you! You should try doing nail art too! (:

    @Ivana: Aww, thank you (: My friend also said that the pictures took really long to show up, maybe I shouldn't upload so many? :S

    I did paint my nails, and kept getting distracted when I looked at them because I hadn't worn this color in months!

  4. How do you do blood splatter?


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