Monday, October 11, 2010

China Glaze Light As Air

As a compensation for not blogging over the weekend (especially for missing 10/10/10 on my dates), I have a lot of photos today :D  Also because I couldn't get the color right on my camera. My camera hates lilac, green, what else?

China Glaze continues to impress me with their formula. This is hands down the best I've tried so far (not that I've tried THAT many). As I was painting, I could hear myself going "wow". This was so smooth and pigmented. Two coats should've been enough, but you know me and my crappy painting skills. So I did 3. Drying time wasn't that long so it was okay. 

But seriously, this was perfect. Love at first sight. I wish I had a million bottles of this so I would never run out. 

Again, there was no sun. The color here of course isn't accurate, but you can see how good it is (:  I attribute any flaws in the photos to my lack of painting skills, and not to the brush/polish.

Natural light, no top coat. It has a satin-like finish, but that could have had something to do with my base coat.

Natural light, no top coat.
Sorry for the weird peels on my nails. Waiting for them to grow >:(
The rest of these pictures are with top coat.

I would describe this as... a blueberry yogurt kinda color. It just reminded me a of a creamy yummy yogurt. It's just so creamy. I kept staring at my hands from different angles, and all I could think of to describe it is creamy yogurt.

If you go to Wikipedia's list of colors, I would say this is something like Mauve/Thistle. On my laptop anyway. It could be closer to Lilac/Wisteria, depending on your display settings. Oh, this is a pastel creme.

So I was cleaning my room and that was why I didn't post. But.. I did find something interesting...

Artificial lighting, no flash.
A picture I drew of ants playing football! Ant game, Reds 0-1 Blacks. I don't know why the Black ants are winning, they're not even my favourite color. Maybe they were back then. I think ants would have too many legs to play football. Either the legs would be a problem or they would be like weapons. Imagine all the tricks they could do with those legs. And imagine when they tackle each other. 

Picture with flash. Now you can see the color a little.

After I cleaned my room, it seemed like the topcoat's shiny effect wore off. Wtf? It went back to being more of a satin finish, like I had just put China Glaze Man on it. That's what you get when you use a cheap top coat I guess.

Still have some cleaning to do, but I'm proud of what I've done so far. :D

I also dreamed over the weekend that my nail polish had chipped. For two nights in a row. Am I going crazy?


  1. Love this one! So soft and beautiful! <3

    I like your picture especially McDonalds sign - I'm lovin it! HAHA, great one. :P

  2. I love this too! So sad that my camera can't get the color right ):

    Thank you (: I don't even remember drawing this!


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