Friday, October 15, 2010

China Glaze Secret Peri-wink-le

Due to my failed attempt at applying For Audrey, I decided to go with something I'd worn before. Secret Peri-wink-le from the Operation Color collection! This was so gorgeous in pictures and made my list immediately (as did a gazillion others). 

Once again, my camera decided it didn't want to show everyone what this really looks like. It has more grey in real life, not so blue like this. When I look at this, the word 'dusty' comes to mind. Maybe because dust is grey. And this looks like a blue + grey. Whatever it is, my camera didn't get it right (again), but it is pretty (:

Embarrassingly, this is 4 coats. I actually intended only to do 3, but I was careless during application and ended up doing 4. I did do 3 on the first day then another one on the next day, so I didn't have to wait excruciatingly long for it to dry. This dries glossy but I added top coat anyway, to make it look better.

This was sheer on the first coat, but with 2-3 coats it should be good to go. Formula was good, not crazy hard to manage like For Audrey, but not as good as Light As Air, but still good. 

Natural light, in the shade.

The sun has graced us with its presence. But... it's so damn hot. I can never get a break from the weather ):

Periwinkle flowers! It doesn't look as bright as this on my nails, maybe because of the 4 coats.

Oh Olympus camera, why do you hate me so? I love you so much. You take good pictures (minus the color thing), I charge you before your battery can die, I put you in a cozy grey pouch, I never abuse you. Why do you do this to me? ):

Just yesterday, I was eating this delicious moist fudge brownie, and I wondered what the formula for the brownie was.

If you didn't see what was wrong with that, I think we need to become friends ;)

(I realized it was supposed to be recipe for the brownie, not formula. Either I'm studying too much Chemistry, or all this polish is getting to my head!)


  1. For Audrey didn't cooperate with you! Bad For Audrey! I didn't have any problems with it! Cute color! It's always hard to capture purple and blue color! :) You have so beautiful nails! <3

  2. I will try it again some day. ): Thank you! You are too kind! (: Your nails are gorgeous too!


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