Sunday, October 17, 2010

Week END.

Hello! The week is ending. Damn ):  One last week of classes, then a study leave, then my final exams! I can't believe how quickly this year has gone past. Seems like just yesterday it was my first day of college. And that was like... 9 months ago? Someone could've had a baby in the time that I've been at college!

This has been a very eventful weekend. On Saturday morning I went to the tailor, then had lunch (noodles), and went to the supermarket for grocery shopping. Adam Lambert was our checkout cashier! Or rather, a guy who looked much like an Adam wannabe. But he had the eyeliner thing going on!

Did a little bit more cleaning on my room when I got home, still have a long way to go. My polishes will have a new home! (:  We went to a Spanish restaurant for my mom's birthday dinner (pictures soon!), and I went to bed feeling like a giant balloon. 

Today we went shopping (did I mention I LOVE shopping?), and I saw Asha Gill! Google her if you don't know who she is. I was so tempted to get her autograph, but my mom said she wanted privacy, and I respected that. 

It's late, and I can't really think of what else happened, but sorry to have rambled on about my weekend. The part about the polish is coming..... in the bottle. I don't have a decent swatch of this, but it's a pretty color. Dark blue with lighter blue shimmer and pink microglitter! Some of Skin Food's shades are seriously amazing, wish I could get them all!

I really feel like putting this on, but I've already planned for the colors I'm going to wear for the rest of this month. I'm such a control freak. :S  

This is so weird, I swear the photo quality was a lot better when I took it/watermarked it. :S

Blurred to show the shimmer.

Pretty! (:

Hope your weekend was as good as mine! (:

Barcelona 2-1 Valencia

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I was actually worried that Barca would not win, seeing as Valencia is was top of the La Liga table. I just checked, and Real Madrid must've won match #7 because they are leading with 17 points! Barcelona has 16 points, close, but I doubt they will beat Madrid's goal difference of 13! Wow.

Barcelona is the team that finally got Valencia's 0 losses to one loss, making Real Madrid the only team that has yet to lose. Villareal has 15 points, hopefully they won't win this match against Hercules. Winning would give them 3 points, which would mean they'd be leading, and no way would I want that to happen!

I hope your commentator wasn't as annoying as mine. My commentator would NOT shut up! He kept going on and on and on. And he was barely taking breaths in between all those words! And he kept attacking David Villa! 

David Villa.06

16.10.2010 LLiga Jornada07 Barça-València(2-1)
At one point he said that David kept missing the ball (which was kinda true) and said that David would kick himself for missing this particular goal (also quite true). Then he said that David would probably miss kicking himself. HARSH!! Where are the gloves that hide your claws, commentator?

16.10.2010 LLiga Jornada07 Barça-València(2-1)
Messi's "chester". The header is out of fashion, guys, didn't you get the memo?

16.10.2010 LLiga Jornada07 Barça-València(2-1)
Someone tell Emery (Valencia's manager) that it's not Halloween yet!

16.10.2010 LLiga Jornada07 Barça-València(2-1)
Puyol did try to set a good example by removing his jersey. None of the players followed their captain. Tsk tsk. 


16.10.2010 LLiga Jornada07 Barça-València(2-1)
It was so good seeing Xavi on the field again!

Pep Guardiola.06

16.10.2010 LLiga Jornada07 Barça-València(2-1)
I love how Pep was wearing the pink ribbon for Breast Cancer Awareness.


16.10.2010 LLiga Jornada07 Barça-València(2-1)
I wonder who he was showing this to?! Maybe Iniesta, because Puyol had his arms open wide for an embrace when Andres scored the goal, but all he got was a high five. Maybe Iniesta listens to Jonas Brothers ("I'm giving you a high five, 'cause hugs are overrated, just FYI").

16.10.2010 LLiga Jornada07 Barça-València(2-1)
I like how the Valencia goalie tried to apologise to Messi. Unfortunately, Leo didn't seem to like the apology much. 


We won against bribed ref, scummy team, linesman….just sayin…^^
There was some sort of fight/argument in the second half of the match. Valdes and Bruno (I think) were shoving each other.

16.10.2010 LLiga Jornada07 Barça-València(2-1)
Just look at Iniesta & Messi.

That hair! 

16.10.2010 LLiga Jornada07 Barça-València
Iniesta dedicated his goal to his pregnant partner and their on-the-way baby!

16.10.2010 LLiga Jornada07 Barça-València
Just the sound of Messi's voice makes children high. ;)

All football photos from

What a long post! 

PS: I'm devastated by Liverpool's loss to Everton. I don't want Liverpool to be relegated! ):

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  1. Yeah, Real Madrid won 3:1 against Malaga yesterday, yay! :D I was so happy. :P Lately I don't watch any football match, I just check the results. :)

    Last picture is fun! :D


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