Friday, October 8, 2010

Pink & Turquoise Sponge Gradient

I am so sleepy :S

BUT I will finish this post first. As you know (or not), I'm right-handed, so my left hand always gets the fancy nail art (if any) whereas the right hand stays plain. Since I was on holidays awhile ago (too long ago ): ), I decided to do something with my right hand. I actually planned to do different nail art daily, but that plan failed.

In case this didn't work out, I would probably have done something else the next day.

I can't remember the weather for this one, but it was natural light, probably sunny but I wasn't in the sun. I think it was outside my window (there's a tree that goes up to my window, so I think the neighbours haven't spotted me in the midst of crazy yet). Please excuse the crappy cuticles and the poor clean-up. What was I thinking?

I should really take bottle pictures huh :/  Okay. Let me find some Internet pictures. 

For the pink I used Skin Food.. Where the hell is the name on this bottle?! There doesn't seem to be a name, but there's a code: PK213. The bottle looks like this (obviously not this colour, this is orange):

Image credit:

And for the turquoise, I used Elianto's Turquoise. This is the same brand as the Dark Sea Green in the previous post. Here's the bottle (same colour): Just saw a notice on the site NOT to take photos without permission (despite the obvious website address in black across the photo), and I can't be arsed to ask for permission, so you will see my own photo of the bottle another time. 

That blob on my middle finger is a piece of the sponge that came off and stuck to my nail :S

Proper tutorial soon! (:  

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