Thursday, October 7, 2010


I had no idea what to write, so my friend suggested I write about the purpose of this blog. Pretty obvious, no? I like nail polish (understatement) and I like blogging (all these thoughts in my head have to go SOMEWHERE). 

I live in Asia, I hate the weather because it's always too hot, too humid or too rainy. It's October, so I'm having rainy season. I like sleeping, eating, watching tv, eating, hibernating and did I mention eating? 

It took me awhile to get this blog up, partly because of the names I couldn't decide on. First it was Nailgasms, but I thought that could be a bit.. awkward? Offensive? I don't know the word. Then it was Criminail, but a definition on Urban Dictionary changed my mind on that one. So I Googled around and finally got this name. And no, I don't listen to All Time Low.

You know the saying "Nothing personal, just business"? No? Well, you do now! I love wordplay (:

I hope you have JavaScript enabled, or you won't be able to fully enjoy the design of the blog. 

For my first post, I'll show you something recent but not current (does that make sense?). I don't know if it's just me, but for some reason these pictures looked a lot better/brighter on my camera and desktop computer. Maybe it's the display settings on my laptop. 

This is a red shimmer (Callas Blood Spy) which my friend gave me for my birthday over a dark sea green (Elianto). I don't know if you can tell (you probably can), but I'm not that good at painting. And I'm showing you my right hand (eventhough I'm a righty) because I can never file my nails on my left hand straight. You can see that the red is uneven,  but I like it (:  My nails were peeling btw. So it was kinda uneven on my index and middle finger.

This photo was taken when the sun decided to show up briefly. I like this picture best (:

Natural light, no sun.

Natural light, no sun.

Natural light, no sun (are you getting sick of reading this line?). 

Maybe my hopefulness makes me see this as duochrome, but I'm not sure if it can be classified as that. It does look a bit like it in the first picture. I think. 

Can you guess what my favourite colour is? ;)


  1. I love the name Nothing personail! So cool! I wish I could remember something like that. :)) Great job! Also like the background of your blog, reminds me on spring. :)

    Then... Nails... You have so beautiful nails, I really like that you can cut them off and they are still long. :) Nice nice! And I'm your 1st follower, yaaaay. :P It's always good to be first. :P

  2. I totally forgot to guess you favorite color. :) Hmmm I know you like glitters, but color... Hmmm... Red or green? :P

  3. Thank you! (: I got the background from the Template Designer, they have a lot of nice photos!

    I used to wear them really short but decided to grow them out a little when I realised that it looks better. First and only follower :P

    By looking around my blog, that should give you enough clues ;) My favourite colour is all over it!


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