Thursday, October 21, 2010

Elianto Glitter Silver

What a weird name. Why didn't they call it Silver Glitter instead of Glitter Silver? Maybe they're trying to describe the nature of this silver, which would be glitter (as opposed to shimmer, foil, etc.). OR they just thought that Glitter Silver meant Silver Glitter when there is obviously a difference. What am I saying :S

Okay sorry for not blogging in the last... 4 days? This week has been real busy! First I had to change my nail polish from Secret Peri-wink-le to this, which was on Monday. Then on Tuesday I went for Paramore's concert (it was AWESOME! In fact, it was way more than awesome. No words can describe how good the concert was!), yesterday, I had a prom committee meeting (makes me sound important!) and by the time I got home, the sun was hiding from me. Plus Real Madrid vs. AC Milan was on last night.

So, to make up for it, I have a HUGE post for you. 14 photos (YAY!). I actually had more, but there is a line between "Yay, loads of photos!" and "Wtf when does this post end?".

This was a good glitter. I bought this VERY long ago, but I hardly used it. I guess my love for glitters remained latent until OPI's Mad As A Hatter (which reminds me, I've not showed you that yet!) came into my life.

Which also reminds me, OPI is really starting to piss me off. I still love OPI, don't get me wrong, but I break my back hunting down a bottle of MAAH, which was limited edition, and now OPI is churning out glitters at a rate equivalent to the reproductive ability of rabbits. And we all know, rabbits multiply like crazy.

First, there was the Burlesque collection.

And we all know that this collection had SIX glitters. Which is half the entire collection. (these are the six)

Then there's the Katy Perry collection to be released in January 2011.

Again, half the polishes in this collection are glitters. The Black Shatter doesn't count because it's also being released in the Serena Williams collection. 

What the bucket, OPI? I know the glitters are different from MAAH, but they're essentially the same thing! And you know I can't resist a good glitter. No, I can't. You cannot tell me that I made all that effort to get the best damn bottle of glitter polish I had ever seen only to have its brothers, sisters, cousins, second cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews make their appearance shortly after.

That's like climbing to the top of Mount Everest, thinking you were the first person to conquer that, only to find that some other *bleep* (trying not to curse) had planted his flag there already. Imagine if Neil Armstrong was all "Awesome! I'm the first man to walk on the moon!" and then he saw some moondust angels all over (assuming the ground on the moon is covered in moondust and you could make moondust angels just like snow angels). That would NOT be cool.

Damn you OPI and your irresistible glitters. >:(

Okay on to the REAL post. Sorry for rambling. This was good. Have I said that before? I think I have. Anyway it was quite dense, I only did 2 coats, although I should've done 3. But the little bit of nail peeking through the glitter didn't bother me. It's a very shiny, sparkly glitter, even without top coat, which I think some of these pictures might be, I'm not completely sure. It wasn't very gritty, and grittiness doesn't really bug me anyway.

I just love the color silver, and on me too. I've always preferred silver over gold. Now white gold, that's a different story ;)

I swear the weather was out to get me. It was sunny and bright throughout the day, but when I got home, the sun decided to hide behind the clouds. So no sun for these pictures, but who needs the sun for decent pictures?

(Edit: This post is very picture-heavy. Click Read more!)

This photo and the ones before this were taken in natural light. For some reason I managed to miss quite a bit of the nail on my pinky finger :S

Artificial lighting.

Blurred in natural light.

Blurred in artificial light. Look at how sparkly it is!

Okay, time for a little game. Can you tell the difference between these two? The upper picture is my right thumb and the lower one is my left thumb.

No? How about I help you with that?

How about now? it's pretty obvious. 

How about this to help you a little?

Now you know why I don't take pictures of my left hand. My left hand can't pose for photos like my right hand can and sometimes the filing on my left hand is a bit weird :S

If you didn't manage to guess it, just have the answer.

I added another glitter on top of Glitter Silver! It's called Glitter Mixed (now I'm starting to think they really think that Glitter Silver means Silver Glitter exactly)

Glitter Mixed is also something I bought a long time ago. I don't think Elianto even sells this color anymore. I haven't seen it at all in any of the shops, not even in the testers. They do have a bluish glitter similar to this, but.. bluish. I think. It's so pretty, with some iridescent glitter that flashes blue, pink, maybe some other colors, I didn't check :S

Blurred so you can see how pretty it is.

There really is a difference!

AH finally reached the end of the post. I currently have something VERY special on my nails (no, sadly, it isn't MAAH) and can't wait to show you! Of course I have to finish it first. I'm still deciding on something. Well, you guys just pray that my camera favors me tomorrow and gets this one right, because it's VERY important!

BUT I am not ready to see the end of this post yet. Are you? If the answer to that question was "no", then keep reading!

PS: If there are any mistakes/typos, I apologise. It's a really long post and I'm really sleepy and I can't proofread it right now. Maybe tomorrow?

Real Madrid 2-0 AC Milan

AC Milan. Ronaldinho. He was the reason I supported Brazil in the 2006 World Cup. Well he was pretty much invisible in this match, hiding in the shadows of ALL my favourite Real Madrid players *cough*CristianoXabiandeveryoneelseinRM*cough*

All of Cristiano's tricks with the ball, the way he played with the ball, everything, turned me on. ;)

Why so glum, chum? ):

"This hand is free, if anyone wants to. Just sayin' "

Wait. What? I must've been asleep when this happened. I fell asleep after the first half. Luckily, I didn't miss anything besides Mesut knocking over the referee. 

It is still beyond me why Cristiano even owns a shirt. 

All football images from

Okay I am hungry.

Not because of Cris (although that would be more than enough to get my stomach growling like a tiger ;) ), but because I barely ate anything for dinner. There was some weird, gag-inducing smell attacking my nostrils and I just couldn't eat anything but plain rice. I guess I should grab something to eat now. On second thought, I really don't feel like eating. That weird smell I smelled keeps coming back to me. Blegh. And I'm so sleepy!

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