Tuesday, October 12, 2010

McCris - I'm Lovin' It

(I do like McDonald's. Sometimes)

I tried to paint China Glaze's For Audrey today, but it refused to work with me! ):  So I put Secret Peri-wink-le on instead. Love this color. I couldn't get it done before the sun disappeared on me (yes, the sun has made appearances in the last few days!) so I'll just do that tomorrow.

I feel like blogging, so I'll show you something that I like. Football (or soccer)!! Did I mention I watch football? Once in a while. Only my favourite teams, or if someone else is watching and I feel like it. I don't watch the EPL, but I do try to keep up to date on the Spanish league. Barcelona & Real Madrid! Blame it on Spain winning the World Cup this year and Messi being in Barcelona. 

Have you watched Cristiano Ronaldo's Armani ad? I had to put a bucket under my mouth after watching it, if you get what I mean ;)  People shouldn't be allowed to look as good as that! He should seriously just throw all his clothes away (minus the underwear, he looks good in that). 

A long time ago, I liked him. Then for some reason I stopped. And after seeing this Armani ad, there was no question about it. I was hooked.

He looks like he's having a seriously gigantic sneeze. 

Anybody watch Glee? Remember the song "Push It"? Doesn't this look like Cris is saying the "ssss" part, whereas Sergio (the one at the back) is saying "Push it!"?

Okay maybe his sneeze is a gazillion times more graceful than the picture above. I've never been able to just sneeze once. I always have to sneeze about 2-3 times or more. And of course he returns to being picture perfect a moment after the sneeze. 

Come to think of it, I don't remember ever seeing him in a short-sleeved jersey on the field since I've started watching this year (which was during the WC). Or I have bad memory. Maybe he gets cold easily? I get cold easily too. We should share body warmth!


  1. HAHA great post! I never liked him especially when he played in Manchester United. But when he moved to Real Madrid I had to! He is such a great player. I watched a documentary film about him and I was quite impressed with his behaviour. :) One boy from my town looks like him and he already met him twice (once in London and once in Madrid). Cristiano couldn't believe that they are so similar. :)

  2. Everyone says he is one of the greatest guys on the team. Are you friends with that boy? What a place you must live in! Nobody here looks anything like Cris ): I want to meet Cristiano too!

  3. Yes, we're friends. :) But he's so obsessed with him! :D

  4. Take a picture of him! ;) That's good, you guys can talk about Cris together :P Maybe I should book a flight ticket to Slovenia.. Haha.


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