Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Burt's Bees - Rejuvenation Lip Balm

Okay, I know this is not polish related, but I didn't have anything else ready. Besides, everybody loves Burt's Bees, right?

I just had my college prom, which was alright except for the food. Don't hotels hire chefs who should be good at preparing food for 700 people? The 'Best Dressed' award-giving was disappointing, considering there were so many others who were much better suited to receive the award than the winners. But then again, a lot of people arrived late because of the jam (it was raining heavily). 

To make this post slightly more polish-related, I went for a mani-pedi with my mom for prom, and currently have Show It & Glow It on my fingers and Black Cherry Chutney on my toes, both from OPI. I also bought Tease-y Does It, Simmer & Shimmer, and my mom bought The Show Must Go On! I had to choose between Sparkle-icious and Show It & Glow It, but I chose the latter because the other had a little too much gold for my liking. Actually my mom paid for all of them, but she bought them for me. I believe this was supposed to be my very belated birthday present.

Anyway, I wanted to show you the cuticle cream (also from Burt's Bees) in this post too but I realised I couldn't, not without pictures of its effect.

This lip balm applies nicely, not too hard and not too melty. I know Kiehl's lip balm (the one in the tube) tends to get liquidy when you put it on, but this one doesn't. Maybe because it's in stick form? It works well too, keeps your lips moisturized for hours. Even in air-conditioned places. I do have dry lips all the time, so lip balm is an essential for me.

The best part? It smells amazing. Like berries. It does have fruit oil from the acai berry. I don't know much about this berry, but I do know that it's full of goodness. Antioxidants and whatnot. And it makes this balm smell good! I think the smell has decreased in intensity over the weeks since I opened it. When I first used it, the smell was so strong, people around me could smell it. And I might have gotten a headache from smelling it. Now it's not as strong, but still as yummy.

Acai berries.

The packaging of the lip balm. Soothing, hydrating, reviving. Indeed.

If you don't like colored lip balms for whatever reason, this one's white. Just in case you decided to take my word for it and not see/smell the tester in the store. 

I would really advise you to smell the tester before buying. Take my word on the fact that this works, and makes your lips yummy to yourself, and maybe others ;)  I personally don't like trying out things like lip balm and lipstick (not that I ever buy lipstick!) etc. at any shop for hygienic reasons, but smelling it is fine. 

They do have other flavours, like mango, pomegranate and some that smell like ointment (supposedly extra strong moisturizing effect), depending on your preference for smell/function. Each flavour has a different function. 

According to the packaging, it's 100% natural (and has the Natural Products Association certification), it's not tested on animals, contains 30% post industrial content. The last one is probably referring to the plastic packaging and is probably good for the environment. Or maybe they just needed a good way to fill up the space. 

I have nothing bad to say about this except for the twisting mechanism which kinda stopped working and stopped bringing the balm back down after I've twisted it up, but I'll just not twist it so high up. It just has the most berry-like smell and makes me want to eat something. 

I have so many new polishes, and not enough hands! I've never had this situation before. And it feels awesome :D  I type too much, don't I? I need to put a word limit on these posts :/

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