Thursday, November 25, 2010

OPI Suedes

I don't know when the next time I'll be able to post will be, since my grandparents are coming tomorrow and my aunt is getting married on Saturday. Also I have to experiment with different photo sizes/formats to figure out the slow-loading problem but in the meantime, please bear with me.

I had these uploaded beforehand in case something like this were to happen. So they're still super huge and might load slowly :/  The weather has also been terrible while I'm awake. I've been sleeping really late (delayed sleep phase syndrome?) and waking up in the afternoon. It's like the sun doesn't want to see me anymore ):

On the day my friends bought me my birthday present, we went to a salon to have a look at the colors. They asked me to choose one, but.. How can I choose just one (greedy me)? There were SO MANY colors there. So I asked them to choose one and I'll either approve or reject it. After a long (VERY long) process, I narrowed it down to a few. By 'a few' I mean a few palettes.

It came down to a bunch of OPI Suedes, because we decided not to get something from the normal/core range. The manicurist lady was very nice and even let my friend try on some (I had some polish on already) of the colors.

After we finally chose a color (Russian Navy Suede), we left. I had a strange suspicion that she gave us a Matte instead of Suede, but I ignored it. After all, it's her profession, she must know what she's doing. Right?


I somehow (will not reveal the nature of this discovery) found out that it was indeed a Matte, not a Suede. So I went back and told them what happened and they very kindly exchanged it for me. Only, they didn't have Russian Navy in suede anymore and I didn't want to wait two weeks for the stock to come in. So I chose a different colour. Of course, I had to try the colors again.

These were the only 3 suedes they had left. They were very nice to touch (sounds wrong). My mom said they looked weird. But they look awesome to me. Not like this, of course. The lady at the salon painted it on for me. They chip really quickly and probably would not look good past 2-3 days of wear unless you're really, really careful.

Left to right: Here Today Aragon Tomorrow Suede, Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees Suede, You Don't Know Jacques Suede.
(taken in the shade)

In the sun.

I wanted to experiment a little with them before they chipped off too much, so I added one layer of top coat to each.

You Don't Know Jacques Suede with top coat.

Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees Suede with top coat.
You can see the tip wear here already, right? The polish wasn't very even when she painted it on anyway. Doesn't this look like one of metal pipes you find in a hardware store?
I've had Suzi Skis on before, non-suede version. And it looks nothing like this. I don't think the base color (without all that silver) is even the same. 

Here Today Aragon Tomorrow Suede with top coat.
This one takes the cake. Quite Christmassy, this one sparkles well. It's beautiful in its suede form or glossy. 

If I'm not mistaken, the suedes look nothing like their originals. That's what I have read, and if Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees is any indication, it's probably true. Nonetheless, these are so beautiful and I'm extremely glad that my friends got me one ;)  Thanks guys <3

I was actually really shocked at the readiness of the lady to exchange the polish for me. It's probably because of the country I live in where customer rights aren't practised often. So I was surprised that she was very kind and apologetic about the whole thing.

I have to drive to the city tomorrow to pick my grandparents up from the train station. Sigh. I hope it doesn't rain around that time. Guess which colour I ended up taking?

Btw today is Xabi Alonso's birthday! (:

Happy Birthday Xabi!

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Have a good Thanksgiving/weekend!

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