Friday, November 12, 2010

Revlon - Vixen

Yay a real post after so long! I just realised I have a whole bunch of stuff to show/tell you but I have so much time to do that, especially after my prom on Monday. 

Today was so eventful. I had a haircut (love getting my hair cut) and since I'm trying to grow it out, my hairdresser layered it. Haven't had layered hair since Dec 31st of last year! It feels weird, but I'll get used to it. I just hope it's not high maintenance :/  I'm not a fan of blowing dry my hair after showering, because it's such a hassle and my hair is dry enough as it is.

There was something else but that's a long story and I won't make you read that before showing you pictures! I feel like I torture you by writing so many words all the time. 

I think I have proved myself to be one of the clumsiest people ever. Remember how I spilled nail polish remover during my Halloween mani? Well, I spilled some of this Revlon Vixen. Thankfully, I had the desk protector and it didn't get on my table.

Clumsy me :/ (This was after I wiped most of it off with a tissue)

I wiped an 'A' shape onto the tissue! Or the Eiffel Tower. 

Revlon Vixen is a vampy berry-ish color. I love vampy colors. LOVE. One of my favourite colors to wear besides white, silver, red, and some pastels. Vampy goes with almost everything. Casual, formal, work (if your workplace allows such colors). 

I suppose tv shows have made vampy colors so much more popular, in a way. One show I can think of is Gossip Girl. I don't think Blair wears vampy colors often (not that I've noticed, anyway), but I know Jenny, Vanessa and probably Georgina do. Especially Jenny. My least favourite character on the show. >:(  I can't find any stills that show their polish, so unless you've watched this show, you'll have to take my word for it.

But anyway. I love vampy colors. Have I said that yet? I think I have. There's something so understated about them. I especially love the red ones. Dark red vampy colors. 

Vixen changes colors often, depending on the lighting, but I love each and every one of its colors. It was streaky and even at three coats, if the light's really bright and you're looking closely, you can still see the streaks. But since the color was pretty dark most of the time and I wasn't putting it up too close and my top coat was creating one big shiny streak-shield, I barely saw the streaks. It looked pretty solid.

This dries pretty fast, so three coats.. not so painstaking (:

There was one minor hiccup: this weird texture appeared on some of my nails. I've never had this happen with any other polish before and I didn't do anything that would've caused that kind of texture to appear.

Before top coat. There were those weird texture marks, plus sheet marks from my sleeping. I seriously need to get a fast dry top coat.

After top coat! It's so amazing. And the sun came out! I actually did two coats of top coat because I wasn't happy with the first one.

In the shade.

Then something else happened: See my ring finger?

Bubbles! Crazy bubbling. Must've been the top coat. Or the Revlon. And it chipped too, on my middle finger. That whitish bit there at the tip of my nail is a small chip. I fixed it and a couple of minor chips/tip wear over the first few days.

I loved this so much, I wore it from Thursday all the way 'til the next Wednesday! Also because my last exam papers were on Wednesday and I didn't have time to paint at all before that because I was studying. Chemistry was a disaster btw. 

If I'm not mistaken, Barcelona and Real Madrid both won 5-1 in their Copa del Rey (King's Cup) games respectively! So happy for both of them (:  Both have been doing very well in the Primera Liga and Madrid is one point ahead of Barca. I'm hoping they will draw in both El Clasico matches. The first will be on 29th Nov (or 30th, depending on where you are) at 21:00 PST. I think I got that right. 

I've put jumps on the previous picture heavy posts. I'll continue testing out the page until it loads at a satisfactory speed for me. Do let me know if there are any problems you experience.

For those whose eyes are tired already and minds bored, thanks for getting this far. (:

For those who have nothing better to do, click 'Read more' to find out what happened today. You won't be disappointed ;)

I got into a teeny weeny car accident today. If my car wasn't so horny it probably wouldn't have kissed the other girl's car. Just minor scratches. She also didn't know a lot of driving rules. I'm in a country where the driver sits on the right side of the car (unlike in the U.S., where the driver is on the left side). So the fast lane is on the right, and the slow lane is on the left, correct?

There was a plastic barricade along the center of the road, like a divider, with a gap in between, for some reason, maybe for people to take shortcuts and u-turn there instead of going all the way to the end of the road to u-turn. There were 2 lanes, and the left one was going to merge into the right one further down the road. There were arrows on the road that curved right, to tell the drivers that they need to change to the right lane.

So there was this car in front of me (we were both on the left lane) which was going super slow, and I hate driving slowly when the roads are so empty. So I went to the right lane to speed up and overtake the car, because why would I want to drive at like 20-30km/h on an empty road? 

As I hit the gas (my car doesn't accelerate very quickly, maybe that was a good thing), I saw something about to cross my path (God bless peripheral vision) so I hit the brakes and sounded my horn. 

The driver who was in front of me was trying to turn into that gap in the plastic barricade and take a shortcut (I assume that's why she did it). She was in the left lane, I was in the right lane. We both got out, and her car was dented, mine was scratched. 

She asked how I could not have seen that she was slowing down so that she could make a turning, and I said that she did not signal, and she could've been slowing down to stop at the side of the road. And of course, she should have checked the rear/side view mirror before attempting to make a turn like that (I didn't say that to her). I think her reaction time may have been delayed a little, but maybe mine was too.

First she expected me to be psychic enough (because let's face it, I am a little psychic ;) ) to know that she was going to turn at an illegal turning just because she was slowing down on the slow lane right before an empty space on the left side of the road, then she tried to bullshit me by saying that the lane on the left is for going fast, and the lane on the right is for being slow. Um.. You're in the wrong continent, girl. And what are you doing crawling like a sloth on the "fast" lane then?

Then she said that the lane on the left is for turning into the illegal turning (I think it's illegal anyway), even though it meant that it would obstruct the cars on the right lane, because there was an arrow that pointed right. What universe was her driving school in? 

THEN she said I should not have been overtaking her. Okay, so now everybody has to drive at the same speed as the slow ass car in front of them? Since overtaking isn't permitted. Nobody would get anywhere. Ever.

In the end, we took each others' names and numbers. She said that it was in case her parents asked her about the dent, they could get the explanation from me. If she wants a stranger to tell her parents how she should not have graduated from driving school, I'd be glad to be the one to do it.

I'm proud to say I did not raise my voice or use any harsh words, and that I kept my cool. Mostly because I knew I was right. Why get angry for being right?


  1. Rawr sheet marks!!!! I hate when I get them :( but very pretty color :)

  2. dameliac nails - I hate sheet marks too! Thank you! (:


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