Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Zoya Pia

Hi! I can't believe it's September already!

Today I have for you Zoya Pia, which is an orange shimmer polish. It's a nice vivid orange, and the only orange I own. I'm not a huge fan of orange, whether it's the color or the flavor (in candy, etc. but I love fresh oranges). Pia has enough red in it for me to wear it.

I did 3 coats I think. Or 2. I wish I could remember.

Artificial lighting 

Artificial lighting 

Artificial lighting

I never really thought I'd own an orange polish for purposes other than Halloween. I doubt I'll be buying any more orange anytime soon. Pia is a good color if you're like me and don't like orange.

Before I end this post, I strongly urge you to watch this video. It's about the barbaric nature of shark finning. I will probably pass on the shark's fin soup next time. And Gordon Ramsay is in it, for whoever is a fan of his.


  1. It really shines with lighting... Gorgeous!x))

  2. Mel - Thank you!

    terry - It does! It looked like my nails were on fire when I took a photo with flash using my phone (:


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