Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Catrice Apropos Apricot

Hi. I'm sorry it's been almost a week since my last post. And even longer since a real polish post. But I'm busy, really. Seriously. Not kidding. Really busy. Really.

My dad found a puppy on the street and decided to adopt it. I decided to name her Toffee, because I kind of named all my recent pets (the rabbit I had 10 years ago is not recent) after candy. My hamster was Hershey and my previous dog was Toby (short for Toblerone).

On the bottle it says 2x coats which is a huge LIE. I had to do 4 coats, and after that I just refused to do any more. I'm not a fan of peachy colors, because they don't look good on me, plus with the less than satisfactory application, I don't think I'll wear this often. Or ever.

It's a peachy color with shimmer you wouldn't see unless you were in sunlight or under some bright light.

I'm not too happy with the swatch photos but I'm not about to go through it again. I wouldn't recommend this color unless you really liked it and are willing to endure 4 coats of hell.

I hope everyone had a good weekend. By the way, how good was that new episode of Desperate Housewives? :D


  1. I like this color, but wouldn't want to endure that! It does look good on you!

  2. Notesandnails - Thank you! I hate peachy shades on me though!

  3. I also bought this one out of curiosity just to see if the shade fits me (it doesn't and I don't like it on me but on my sister it is a completely new story) but what I wanted to say is that with my bottle I don't have opacity problems. I used two coats and only if I looked really close I saw VNL but it didn't bothered me that much because you have to look really close and normally people don't see that well ;)

  4. MissDoll - My mom thought I would like it :/ Maybe it's the thickness of the coats we did? Or maybe Catrice is inconsistent with their polish like some other brands *cough*OPI*cough*.


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