Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Snowman Jeremy

Hi! I should really be blogging more often but.. good things come in small packages?

Anyway, today is Wednesday, which means we have to wear pink, or sit with the art freaks at lunch. Or with Kirsten in the bathroom (only when she doesn't wear pink).

Snowman Jeremy (it doesn't have a name, it just says Snowman on the label, so I named it myself) is a pink shimmer polish. The bottle is one of those Snowman ones, I believe they're the Christmas version of the pumpkin ones at Halloween. I think they're made by Blue Cross and I've read that people find them at Meijer. I got this in a swap.

I did.. 2? coats. Maybe 3. But it wasn't more than that. With top coat. There seemed to be.. black microglitter, just one popping up occasionally. I don't know if it was my bottle or if it's part of the polish, but it was a bit odd, considering I only got one or two pieces per nail. And they are so tiny, they look like defects. This looks meh in the shade but really nice in direct light.

Can you see the black dot next to the 'g' on my watermark?

I don't really like this nail length. I feel like it doesn't suit me. I was looking at some swatches I did awhile ago and my long nails look monstrous. Crazy long nails scare me sometimes.

Hopefully no one has to sit alone today. Happy Pink Wednesday! (:

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