Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Polish and Lush haul

*pic heavy*

Hi! I've just come back from a short holiday to a (kind of) nearby country. I have tons of photos from the trip but those can wait until after my 100th post (not far away at all!). I hope you guys like looking at food and crooked photos of streets/scenery. Haha.

I bought quite a bit of polish either because they were cheap/cheaper, or not available where I live. I am extremely pleased with what I bought, though I'm disappointed I didn't get to buy a couple of the brands I was looking at.

All these photos were taken in artificial lighting.

Revlon Star and Slipper
I wanted to pick up Galaxy as well but it was only a free gift if you bought a Revlon foundation ):

Golden Rose 166 and Chameleon Effect 01 (duochrome!)

Wowwow #57, #62 and #71

La Jour 49

OPI DS Extravagance, I Lily Love You, OPI Ink, Yoga-ta Get This Blue and OPI Ink Suede

Gosh Rainbow and Holographic

Glitters for frankening (hopefully they don't melt!)

I got to visit my first Lush store, and it was so awkward because the lady working there didn't speak very good English, and it would've been really hard for me to catch anything in her language so some things were hard to explain. It was hilarious when she tried to explain how to use the bubble bar (crumble it under the running tap water when you're filling the bath).

Godmother soap

Miranda soap

American Cream conditioner 

Jasmin and Henna Fluff-Eaze hair moisturizer
This kinda smells funky :/

Herbalism facial wash

Lemony Flutter cuticle butter
This doesn't really smell like lemons! But tons of people love it so I guess I'll see how it compares to my Burt's Bees.

American Cream conditioner and Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo
The lady at Lush told me these were free!

Ma Bar bubble bar
Sorry for the weird photo. I had to take a photo before I used it, in the hotel.

And a few other random shots of the stuff I bought:

Square glitter!

Doesn't Herbalism look so gross? It doesn't smell good either :/

You probably think I look like this now after seeing the stuff I chose from Lush:

Image source: www.fanpop.com
But I assure you, I have never had a zit on my nose that big.

Congratulations if you made it this far :D  And believe me, all these things were bought with my self-restraint in full effect. If I hadn't held myself back, there would've been tons more stuff.

I hope everyone had a good weekend! I know I did ;)


  1. Ooh where did you go on holiday?
    Your haul looks fabulous! I'm jealous!

  2. omg such a great haul, I'm so jealous because of Holographic

  3. Can't wait to see swatches of all the glitters!!

  4. Heh, I understand how bad I have to restrain myself when I go into a Lush store. I usually am there to pick up my essentials (face cleanser, shampoo/conditioner) but then I go "ooh haven't seen this before!" and they go and show me how it works. Bad for my wallet!

    I also love the smell of almost everything in the store. I feel like such a dork, I rather like Herbalism! The leave-in hair conditioner smells a lot like jasmine (that's what I pick up from it anyway). It seriously does leave your hair super soft.

  5. Laura - I went to Hong Kong! I love everything I got haha.

    Lendoxia - I was shocked to find it too! In hindsight, I should have picked up a back-up!

    Amber - I will get to those ASAP (:

    elbee - Which leave-in conditioner? I wish they had Snow Fairy! I've been hearing so much about it! ):


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