Sunday, January 23, 2011

UK Haul

I spent the longest time ever browsing random stuff and generally surfing the internet. Until I remembered I wanted to show you this before I post anything that I used already.

My aunt had to go to England for a month for work, and I put together a last minute insanely long list of polishes I wanted. Of course she couldn't bring all of them back. Although now that she's back and she's seeing me wearing them, she says she should've bought more. She initially bought only 13, but I told her that 20 would be a nice number. She managed to get another 5, so that's 18 altogether. My age! (for the next 7 months anyway)

I'm sorry for the terrible pictures, I can never take good pictures when it comes to bottles.

Models Own
Models Own
Top row, L-R: Purple Mystique, In The Navy, Sterling Silver
Bottom row, L-R: Red Red Wine, Juicy Jules, Black Magic

Rimmel & Boots 17
L-R: Rimmel Black Cab, 17 Cosmetics in Peacock, Glitter Top Coat, Double Gloss Top Coat

Boots No. 7
Boots No. 7 
L-R: Poolside Blue, Milan, Salsa and Night Silver

Barry M
Barry M
L-R: Mushroom, Raspberry, Racing Green and Red Black

Barry M Lip Gloss
Free Barry M Lip Gloss (smells like strawberry!)

I would've opened the lip gloss to swatch it on my hand or something but I saw that the neck of the gloss tube? was so nice and clean, I didn't want to mess it up until I have to use it.

Now, for the important part: now that my stash has grown by this much, it no longer fits in my drawer - not while the Antonius basket insert is holding all my other polishes.

Image source:

I like how the Antonius basket insert has compartments so I can separate my bottles by brand, but it doesn't fit into my drawer perfectly (I am not using a Helmer). Also, the bottom of the Antonius is much smaller than the top of each compartment due to the slopedness of the wall. Does this make sense? This wastes quite a bit of space. Like what Alizarineclaws posted on her blog here.

So now, I'm looking for an alternative. I have two options. The first one is to use one of those sheets that are kind of rubbery, which prevents the bottles from moving around when I open and close the drawers. I like this because it doesn't waste any space at all. I don't like this because there's no physical separation of the brands.

The second option is to use smaller containers which fit my drawers quite well. I like this because I will be using about 3 of these, so I can separate the brands a little. I don't like this because the material is clear plastic, which in my experience, doesn't really like polish. Not that I expect any polish to get on the containers, but still. Also, it's more expensive. One container costs the same as the rubbery mat, and I need three containers. 

A more tedious option would be to buy the mat, then make some boxes out of some sort of paper or cardboard. This way, I'll be able to make the boxes any size I want, but it's a very tedious thing to do and I'm a lazy person. 

Another thing I need an opinion on: should I get stuff from the Anchors Away collection? I'm liking Sea Spray, Below Deck and First Mate. Maybe even that red creme which I can't remember the name of. 


  1. Great haul!
    Juicy Jules looks amazing, cant wait to see that on your nails :)

  2. Ooh, great haul! Also, definitely get some stuff from the Anchors Away collection.

  3. Lalica - It is! I'm waiting for a "right time" to wear it! (:

    Silva - But.. which ones? :S

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