Friday, January 14, 2011

Etude House swatches

I actually have a bunch of swatches lined up but it's 3am and it took me an hour to sift through and pick the good ones. I had 84 pictures of my Lubu Heels & Ruby Pumps combo mani, just to give you an idea of what I had to do. I think I need to go to photo rehab. None of the pictures have been watermarked and I don't have the time to do it now.

Speaking of rehab, I woke up super early today to go on a field trip to a drug rehab centre in the middle of nowhere. My classes start next week. I have two weeks of classes and then a week of holiday for Chinese New Year and then back to class.

After my university interview last Monday, my friend and I went to the mall and watched The Tourist. Which was one hell of a movie. I loved that they put Johnny Depp in white and blue striped pyjamas, but I was completely taken aback by the ending. I was like.. Mind. Blown. It's just too good.

We went around trying on polishes on her nails. We went into Etude House because.. I wanted to. And since I had Color Club Coastal Creme on, I couldn't try out any of the polishes. Luckily, my friend never does her nails. EVER. They're not in the best shape but if she doesn't care about it, I won't because they're not my nails. She likes her nails as short as they will go.

Before you go on, take note that these are not my hands or nails, I did Photoshop the skin around the nails a little and none of these are in my stash (yet, anyway). I assure you that I do not and have not Photoshopped my own nails.

The sun came out, so we had some good lighting. But two girls sitting outside the mall (still within the mall's compounds) taking pictures of their nails probably was a little funny. All swatches are in daylight, no base coat or top coat and are one coat each.

Etude House actually has some pretty cool polishes. I didn't know the names of any of these, and they probably are just labeled with a code, instead of a name.

Etude House duochrome
This is a black base with blue/purple duochrome flake glitter. This was way too cool. I wish I had a top coat so I could see how it would look. I think it would still be pretty badass. The tester in the store had thickened up so this was one thick coat.

Etude House duochrome

Etude House duochrome

Etude House glitter
Large and small hexagonal glitter in a clear base with tiny silver flake glitter. This would be great for layering or gradients.

Purple holo. This was gorgeous. I didn't expect a brand like Etude House to have a holo, but they do! It's a beautiful scattered holo. Looks like a two-coater too. 

I'm sorry the swatches are messy. I couldn't do clean up. Also, my friend has tiny nails and I think both our hands weren't that steady when I was painting. But thanks, friend, for being my 'model' for the day (:

I would buy these, if only I had more money. And if only I hadn't spent some money buying some flakie polishes from Sasa. I'm contemplating whether or not to buy Orly Space Cadet.. What do you think?


  1. The last one is gorgeous! :) You should get your Space Cadet! :D

  2. Nice swatches!

    I tagged you for the stylish blogger award:

  3. Would you recommend the tourist? I love johnny Depp but don't really care for Angelina. I heard it wasn't that great, but twist endings?! I like that :)

    Anyways, I love the first darker polish with the duchrome shimmer/glitter and the pink glitter reminds me of one of the new Katy Perry Polishes.

  4. Ivana - Because it looks pinkish? ;) I want to, but it's quite expensive :/

    Nail Noir - Thanks! (: & thanks for the tag too! I'll get to it as soon as I can.

    Danielle - Of course I would! If you didn't watch it, you'd be missing out on one hell of a movie. Wouldn't you want to see Johnny in blue and white striped pyjamas? ;)

    Pink glitter? But... none of them are pink :S If you mean the silver one, it is, a little bit, but the type of glitter is different.


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