Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Color Club Coastal Creme

I had an amazing dream a couple of nights ago. I dreamt that my aunt had returned from her one month long work stint in the UK, and she brought a lot, and I meant A LOT of polishes back for me. And I was happily arranging them according to color. I was upset when I woke up because the dream was very realistic. ):

I've been using China Glaze Fast Forward top coat. On one hand, I'm pleased with the drying time, since I've never used a fast drying top coat before. On the other hand, I absolutely HATE the smell. It gives me headaches. It's a sickly almost sweet smell, very overpowering. I'm nauseous from the smell. It's absolutely disgusting. After 12 hours I can still smell it a little. But now that I've discovered fast drying top coats (I know, which cave have I been living in?), being able to paint my nails at midnight, how can I go back to regular ones?

Anyway, the interview was a lot more complicated than I expected, but at least I managed to answer a few of the questions well. I hope. I also literally bumped into my high school classmate who was studying at the campus itself. Luckily it was someone I knew, because he was walking in a big group, and he wasn't looking where he was walking and it would've been extremely awkward if we were strangers.

I had to send my grandmother to the hospital for a check-up. The consultant orthopaedic surgeon was my mom's uncle. This probably means I can get a free consultation too :D  I also woke up at 4pm today, after sleeping for 12 hours. And I woke up too late to take my grandmother to the supermarket to buy vegetables because we're apparently out of vegetables. Woops. 

This is my first Color Club, and I am pleased with it, despite the lack of pigmentation in the polish. It had a good consistency and the brush was alright. The pictures are terrible though, so don't judge the polish by the pictures.

I did this on New Year's eve, at midnight, while the fireworks were going off. Yup. Story of my life. I originally did 3 coats but I was dissatisfied with the streaks I saw so I did another coat, even though I'd already put on top coat. So altogether that's 4 coats of the Color Club Coastal Creme and 2 layers of top coat, plus one base coat.

I guess it was the thickness that killed it, because I could see it starting to detach from the corners of my nails. Okay, note to self, paint less coats in the future.

Coastal Creme is a pale pink off-white creme. It's very light, but definitely not white. Depending on the light, it sometimes looks a bit too orange-y for me, but I liked the color overall. I did a terrible job on clean-up, so bear with me. All photos were taken in natural light.

Color Club Coastal Creme

Color Club Coastal Creme

Color Club Coastal Creme

Color Club Coastal Creme

It sometimes looks like this, which bugged me a little.

It'll be over a week before my aunt comes back, so maybe I'll have a couple more dreams about getting bucketloads of polish. I wonder if she did get my anything. Hmm.

Also, I have a game for you today! Can you guess what brand/name this color drop is?

I just realised I haven't watched a single football match since last year. Damn :/

You might have noticed that I now have a twitter button on my sidebar. Yup, got my blog a Twitter account! Now you'll know what I have on my nails at any one time, since by the time I post something, I've usually already changed my polish. 


  1. I like this color. It's almost a pretty nude.

  2. Beautiful - subtle and stunning. :) It goes perfectly with your skintone too! :)

  3. Rachel Marie - It's way more pink than nude, but it's definitely pretty (:

    Ivana - I didn't think it did, but thank you! (:


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