Monday, April 16, 2012

Wowwow #57 over Models Own In The Navy

Omg I'm blogging again! I realised that I didn't blog for the whole of March except to write that one lousy picture-less desperate post. And I'm sorry. I'm just getting an education so that one day I can save all of your lives. This is what I say when I'm being an asshole while driving to school. Haha.

What better way to ease myself back into blogging with a picture-heavy post of a glitter polish? I'm trying out a new image host as per Crystal's suggestion. The only downside to this host is that every picture needs to be viewed at least once every 6 months, or it'll be deleted. Anyone want to volunteer to look through all my blog posts (from this one onwards) every 6 months? :/

Wowwow #57 (SO original) was something I picked up on holiday for really cheap (can't remember how much) and it definitely brought out a "wow" from me. Not two "wow"s like the brand name, just one. This is only because some of the glitter pieces kind of clump together. Not fun :/

I did 1 coat of Wowwow #57 over 2 coats of Models Own In The Navy. I don't recall how many layers of top coat I added but I don't think it was enough to hide the clumped bits. The glitter shifts colour too!

Whew! I hope you enjoyed that! I hope to blog a bit more now that I'm on a study break. Yeah, "study".. ;)  But no, really, I'll be studying. I have a huge haul post coming soon, if I can get around to it!


  1. Wow! (lolz) I love this! Happy to see you (and your beautiful nails ;)

  2. Too bad the Wowwow didn't wowwow you, it definitely says wowwow in the pictures LOL! Very pretty polish ♥.

  3. Do you do clean ups of your polish? the application looks perfect!

  4. Yay,you're back Abby! I love this manicure, very pretty. Oh and we ARE meeting up when you are over here. No if's, no buts lady!! x Hug to Toffee please.

    1. Thanks, Esther! <3 But.. what if.. I can't make it on a student budget? ;)


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