Thursday, March 29, 2012

Where Have I Been?

Hi guys! I didn't mean for it to get this far but it seems I've been gone for a little over a month! I've been doing my nails as usual and taking photos if they look good but I haven't gotten round to editing most of them, much less organising everything and deciding what I should post.

I try (key word here) to keep my priorities in check, make sure what's at the top belongs there. Lately I've been putting university on top of most things, blogging included. Work has begun to pile up, my timetable seems to be getting more crammed each week and the tests just keep coming.

Then there's the recent reformat my computer had to go through because I got the blue screen of death (BSoD). Yup. I'm glad I got the computer fixed, because I suspect that all those times I left my computer on overnight only to discover it restarted itself were actually BSoDs. But since I didn't know how to check those, and didn't even suspect a BSoD until I actually witnessed one, I ignored it.

The bad news is that while I kept all my files in an external hard drive (so they're safe, phew!), I lost not only my photo editing software, but also other programs like iTunes and MS Office. MS Office I've reinstalled (not that it's really relevant to this blog), and iTunes too but I need to add all my music back in and recreate my playlists.

The important part is that I don't have a photo editing software at this moment and I'm way too busy to work through installing one.

On top of all that, I recently discovered that I have a limit as to how many photos I can upload for free on ImageShack. I already came across this problem on Flickr, but I didn't realise ImageShack had a cap too. I don't really trust Photobucket because I've read stories of the quality of photos on Photobucket being reduced, which is why I didn't want to use Blogger's hosting system in the first place.

I have 460ish photos on ImageShack already, which is way too close to the 500 photo limit. I'd prefer not to pay not because I can't afford it, but because I don't have a method of making the payment. I can pretty much pay only in cash or things I can buy with cash (neither of which I think is an acceptable method of payment with these sites).

If anyone has any suggestions on how to fix my image hosting issues, PLEASE leave a comment or send me an e-mail, I would really appreciate any help. If you know of a reliable, stable, free image hosting site with no limit to the number of uploads and no reduction in photo quality, please let me know. Or feel free to share how you host your images!

I wouldn't even mind doing a strange sort of "swap" or CP if you'd rather call it that, if anyone is willing to help me pay in exchange for the equivalent amount of whatever polish I can get you from where I live.

Wow, super wordy post. I must really miss blogging. Haha. I'll be back to blogging as soon as my schedule and the circumstances permit it but until then, if you want to contact me, I check my e-mail almost daily and I'm on Twitter a lot too. (:


  1. I have been using blogger/picasa for my pictures.. i have never noticed a decrease in quality! maybe I just don't pay enough attention.

    1. Maybe I pay too much attention! Your pictures always look great to me anyway (:

  2. (I think) has unlimited space!

    1. Thanks for your suggestion, Crystal! Trying this out on my next post! Are you using imgur too? :D


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