Monday, July 25, 2011

Black Swan Mani

It's Monday! Or should I say.. It's Monday ): For me it's the former because it's 11.40pm and Monday is almost over.

Anyway, I said I would show you something to brighten up your day, but if you've watched Black Swan, you'd know that the movie is anything but bright. Some of the scenes still haunt me. Like the one where she ripped her skin.. If my body could cringe so hard it'd enfold into itself, it would.

Something about the movie just struck me. And sorry about the huge movie poster. I felt the need to make all photos on my blog the same width.

I previously showed you Nature Republic RD501, a blood-ish red. I'd been thinking about this mani for awhile, and some (or all :S ) of you might not get it, but it's how I would interpret Black Swan.

I used China Glaze Lightning Bolt (white crackle) and Black Mesh (black crackle) over 2 coats of Nature Republic RD501. No tape was involved, hence the slightly messy mid-line. I guess that adds to the effect of the mani.

I added Icing Frost Yourself to my thumbs, for fun (:

Okay so in case you didn't get the mani (or didn't watch the movie for whatever reason), here it is.

The red represents blood, the core of all our beings. And that blood runs under. The white and black represent the good and evil/light and dark sides that is present in all of us, whether we show either side or not. I believe everyone has a good and bad side, one of which possibly needs awakening. Both sides come out in Nina, even though at first, she doesn't show her dark side.

And even though I don't really know the story of Odette and Odile, one is white and one is black - which is pretty much what this story is about. Nina has to dance both the white and black swan, and she is a perfect fit for the white swan but needed a huge push to bring out the black swan.

If you didn't watch the movie, that would've made probably little or no sense to you. If you did watch the movie, I hope it made sense. It's past midnight and I am slightly distracted. It's complex and hard to explain but I hope you get it.

So now I have to ask the vital question, do you get the mani?


  1. Ooooh, I like!! I like crackle when used as an element of a manicure as opposed to the whole thing, and this shows that concept beautifully. Plus, I totally got the BlackSwan symbolism even before you explained it! It's almost as if the blood is seeping up through the facade we present... creepy and cool!

  2. I love how this came out!!! I definitely the uneven lines are better than if you had used tape. I might have to try this myself one day soon! Nice job!

  3. the movie is not really my favorite, but the idea for your mani is great and the end result is just great it's pretty but slightly creepy at the same time

  4. Love love love ! The overall effect is incredible!

  5. I haven't seen the movie but this is lovely!

  6. I love the look of this mani & I have not even got around to watching this movie yet. :)

  7. Okay now I can say it ... I hate crackle, but this is amazingly perfect.

  8. I think it's great you didn't use scotch tape or a guide. The effect is more natural. Love it!

  9. Laynie - Thank you! I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees the Black Swan concept in this :D

    Erika - Thanks! I couldn't be bothered with tape. Haha.

    nicnacksnails - Thanks :D

    Lendoxia - Aww, it is a good movie though right? Thanks (:

    Marta - Thank you! (:

    Persnickety Polish & twistedangelwings- You should watch it! Thank you!

    Irishenchantment - Thank you shel! (:

    NotesandNails - Thanks :D

    loodie - I wouldn't say perfect (remember the price of perfection? D: ) but I am flattered! Thank you!

    kittypolishnbags - Thanks (: *throws tape out the window*


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