Monday, February 7, 2011

Layering Experiment: Barry M Red Black

I'm so sorry for abandoning my blog. I really, honestly intended to blog over the week but for some reason my laptop wouldn't connect to the wireless network at the house I stayed in so I couldn't even read anyone else's blogs unless I did it on my phone and the screen's pretty small on that thing.

I had a great Chinese New Year, lots of food, as usual. I had a few headaches because of the really hot weather coupled with my refusal to drink more water. I went to my uncle's house which is in a different state, a 2 hour drive from my house. There were a billion mosquitoes, which is why I'll be going to class with a LOT of pink spots on my legs and arms. Argh. Hate mosquitoes.

Back when I had Barry M Red Black on (seems like forever ago!), I tried layering a whole bunch of stuff on it. Some didn't work out (didn't take pictures of those), to the extent that my friend questioned it. And finally I tell you what the third mystery polish I bought was (somehow I still remember this). Nobody managed to guess what it was from this post.

First: multicolored glitters. The BeYu (left) looks nothing like the other two but since it had the same type of glitter in it, I thought I'd throw it in. Elianto Glitter Mixed (middle) was more dense than 17 Cosmetics Glitter Top Coat (right). Here is 1 coat of the Elianto and two of the 17.

BeYu 387 vs Elianto Glitter Mixed vs 17 Glitter Top Coat
The Elianto has more green and the 17 has more blue glitters in it.

I wanted to try something different, so I put China Glaze Matte Magic on half of each nail. I like it! I really want to call it schizo. But I think a more appropriate name would be dissociative identity disorder, am I right?

Barry M Red Black w/ Glitter TCs

The polish nobody guessed was Nubar 2010. I saw this and HAD to have it. I love flakies! I should've bought that little jar of flakie glitter I saw in this shop I went to but I guess that can wait. I think this was 2 coats of Nubar 2010.

Barry M RedBlack & Nubar 2010

Barry M RedBlack & Nubar 2010

And with Matte Magic:

Barry M RedBlack & Nubar 2010

I found a random bottle of holographic string glitter in a Japanese shop and tried it. The bottle says fast drying but... it's a lie. It didn't even dry glossy. There's regular top coat on the shiny right side of my nail and Matte Magic on the left side.

Barry M Red Black w/ String Glitter

Barry M Red Black w/ String Glitter

This was a really.. weird post. I'll be posting regular, normal stuff after this. I don't want to go to class tomorrow! Or.. today, since it's past 12am already. Stupid class. Argh. I haven't even touched my homework. ):

I think I'm going to call it the schizo. It's just sticking with me, I don't know why. I know, psychology nerds, let me have it. :P


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