Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Comparison: OPI Merry Midnight vs. Sasatinnie FCGL002

I don't have a Valentine's day mani to show you since I didn't do one (couldn't be bothered). My nails are blue with Models Own In The Navy, so.. definitely not Valentine's day themed.

I am so sleepy and I keep thinking that today is Friday (or Saturday, since it's past 12am) because tomorrow is a public holiday here. And I don't have to go for class! Yay! And my mom is going for her manicure and to get rid of OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous on her nails. I usually tag along and have breakfast. Breakfast is so much more enjoyable nowadays, since I have things to eat besides bread and biscuits.

I really need to clear this backlog of posts. My stash and untrieds keep getting bigger and the amount of un-watermarked/un-uploaded photos keeps increasing too. Hmm :/

Anyway, the other day, my friend and I went into Sasa, probably because I wanted to. And I remembered seeing these flakie polishes there, so I looked for them and found them! This one, FCGL002, reminded me a lot of one of my all time favourites OPI Merry Midnight and I had to buy it to do a comparison. There was a discount if you bought two bottles, so I chose a blue based flakie polish. I love flakies (:

What is with the name of this one? What does FCGL even stand for? Why couldn't they have chosen a shorter code name? They should've just given it a name name, not a number/code name.

If I'm not mistaken, I did 3 coats of the OPI and 4 of the Sasatinnie

Bottle comparison. Rainbows!

Pinky and Middle: OPI Merry Midnight
Ring and Index: Sasatinnie FCGL002
The OPI is more red-based than the Sasatinnie which is more blue-based.

Sasa FCGL002 vs OPI Merry Midnight
A lot more silver glitter in the Sasatinnie compared to the OPI. The flakies appear to be smaller and more sparse too, but that could just be from the random picking of the brush.

Sasa FCGL002 vs OPI Merry Midnight

Sasa FCGL002 vs OPI Merry Midnight

Sasa FCGL002 vs OPI Merry Midnight

Although in my eyes, the Sasatinnie doesn't beat the OPI, I think if you really can't find Merry Midnight (and for some reason FCGL002 is available to you), it's quite worth getting. The price isn't too steep and the formula was manageable. The only thing I didn't like was how there was so much silver glitter, like they were trying to make up for the lack of flakies, and the sheerness.

I love both (the OPI more) nonetheless. Not dupes, but none of your non-polish friends will know the difference.

Also, did anyone see Rooney's bicycle kick during the ManU vs. ManC match? I wanted to make noise in awe but I'm generally a silent viewer. AND I missed the match where Casillas got sent off in the 2nd minute of the match against Espanyol! What happened? ):

Okay, the bed is calling me. Goodnight (:


  1. WOW who would've thought there was such a similar polish out there to MM?! the original is usually the best tho :)

  2. Wow, I can't believe how close they are, great post!

  3. gorgeous nails, beautiful blog! =D

  4. I have the Sasatinnie one! I was wondering how close it was to OPI Merry Midnight because it looked really similar in the bottle, but it does seem quite different on the nail. Thank you for doing a comparison!

  5. kelliegonzo - I was pretty shocked to find it myself! Yeah, I would never let go of my MM!

    Jackie S. - Thanks! (:

    Trincess - Thank you! (:

    Cheryl - No problem! I didn't know anyone (besides myself) would be looking for this comparison. I was really curious to find out how they compared, so I had to get it :P


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