Saturday, December 24, 2011

Blue & White Foil Christmas Gradient

Hi guys! It's been awhile (try since Halloween) since I last wrote a post that wasn't another day in my contest. Let me see if I still remember how my posts are written!

I originally planned 12 days of Christmas nails but I haven't had as much time as I would've liked and life has been really hectic this week. I'll probably post a few Christmas themed nails after Christmas itself.

I've been trying out a different camera and some different lighting conditions. Let me know how they look and which ones stay/go :D

Anyway, here is 3 coats of Revlon Royal (gifted to me by an awesome friend) with a Skin Food Pedicure Sparkle #11 (white foil) gradient. I thought it would look nice and snowy. Not that I've ever experienced snow. I accidentally overdid the gradient on my index finger, so we'll call that a blizzard?

Camera flash

Artificial lighting

Artificial lighting

Sorry for the photo spam! A part of me thinks you need to see every manicure in EVERY type of lighting.

I hope you enjoyed that! I'll try to post more but I can't guarantee anything, especially since I'll be spending time with my family. I don't really know how Christmas week is going to go, but I will try my best to post stuff! (:


  1. This looks gorgeous, I love the gradient effect on this!

  2. Very pretty! Multiple angles & different light, really help convey the color well. :)

  3. I've always loved gradient but this one is so gorgeous and in my top five picks

  4. Deborah - Thanks love! <3

    Fingers - Thank you! <3

    Miz_Em - Thank you! I really appreciate the input (:

    MissDoll - That's a huge compliment, thank you so much! <3


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