Friday, April 22, 2011

OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Part 1

Hi! I miss blogging so much. I have such a huge backlog now, if I used it to build a dam it could probably block the Niagara Falls.

I did a couple of blue manis, which I'll have to post within the next week or so because April is almost over! Anyway, for once I'd like to be the early one (didn't exactly happen with Teenage Dream) and post some pretty crappy swatches of OPI's Pirates of the Caribbean collection.

Pirates is one of my favourite movie series. How could you not love it? The moment I knew OPI was releasing a Pirates collection, I nearly shat myself (not really). I didn't really care what the colors were going to be like (unless they were really bad) but holy crap, it was PIRATES.

I wanted to swatch the entire collection at once but the weather, unsurprisingly, changed from super hot and sunny to gloomy followed by a huge thunderstorm. And I was racing against time, because I knew the weather was going to turn bad (the clouds were forming and all) and I had 700 words of a very boring essay to churn out.

So excuse the very shitty pictures (you'll know them when you see them). All swatches were without a base coat and with top coat. I initially wanted to only do them on my right hand, which is more photogenic, but again, that would've taken much longer. The photos will get worse as you scroll down :/

Skull & Glossbones.
I LOVE this. Not only was the application easy peasy, I loved the color too. I did 3 coats. The name is pretty cute too. Haha.

Skull & Glossbones, in the shade.

Stranger Tides.
This was a little harder because I was painting with my really shaky left hand. The formula was okay though. 3 coats. I smudged my pinky nail so I'm showing you only 3 nails. I liked this too.

Stranger Tides, in the shade.

Steady As She Rose.
Oh god. Told you the pictures would get worse. Just look at it. I actually tried this on my right hand first but it was so bad that I had to re-do it on my left hand. I suck so bad at painting. This was one coat and top coat over 3 coats with top coat. I wasn't happy with it for some reason and decided to add another layer. I make bad decisions huh :/  The formula on this was somehow the worst so far.

Steady As She Rose, in the shade.
This was before I added the extra coat. (this is 3 coats)  Now I can't remember what was wrong with this :/

I'm really bad at describing colors, so I hope the pictures give you a general idea of what the colors look like. They are all cremes and all very murky/dusty/grungy-looking.

I hope that is enough to hold you over for a couple of days. I would've swatched the other 3 today but the weather was MAD. And I had a long night. I was finishing up my essay after a lot of procrastination and only got 2 hours of sleep last night.

I was so uninspired, I couldn't think of what I wanted to include in my essay. Then I had a mini panic attack thinking I wouldn't be able to finish on time and I'd get zero marks. I drank coffee at 1.30am, ate Pods and an ice cube, went to bed when I really couldn't continue and woke up 2 hours later to finish the essay. Then I had to run all over campus to find a stapler, my lecturer wasn't in his office and I was going to be late for my movie.

On the bright side, I watched Source Code with my friend today because my mom got a pair of free tickets to the cinema and she gave them to me. I liked the movie, although I think it's a little too paradoxical. It was pretty good though.

Anyway, I hope you guys are having a good week. Oh, and happy (?) Good Friday! (I am still extremely bummed that I don't get to go for my Good Friday ritual with my family because I need to study for some upcoming tests)

If this post has sounded/looked weird in any way, it's because I'm high.. on sleep debt.

If you're looking for Part 2, it's here. (:

OH and the trailers for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides!


  1. Really cute. All of them. As I was reading your post and seeing the pics I was, hey, the first one looks nice, and oh, so does the second... all the way to the end, lol!
    We're having really crappy weather here as well, not cold but rainy, which is a lot worse here at this time.

  2. I can't wait to see part II. :) I'm most interested in pink and lilac one and shatter! <3 But steady as a rose looks beautiful too, I'll have to think about that one too. :)
    Pictures are just great!

  3. wow! Beautiful colours. I didn't know that they are available already! ... are they?

  4. marox79 - Aww shucks. I am way harder on myself than you are (: No sun? I hate when the weather is gloomy without rain!

    Ivana - I can't wait to show Part 2! I think you might like Steady As She Rose (: Thank you! <3

    Hayley - It depends on where you live (:

  5. Steady as she rose looks like the pink milk you have left over when eating lucky charms. I'm not sure if I would like it for summer, it seems kind of dull. Did it seem summery to you?

  6. NotesandNails - I have never eaten Lucky Charms. Are they any good? I don't have summer where I live, but from what I picture of summer.. I don't think it's very summery. It's still really pretty though (:


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