Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nina Ultra Pro In A Tiff

Because it's April/Autism Awareness month, I've decided to keep wearing blue. It's not that hard, since I do have a few blues which need to be worn. I will probably pull out something completely not blue at all once April is over though.

At first I thought this would be a blue creme, but when I got it I was pleasantly surprised. In the bottle the shimmer is very obvious, there's bits of pink, blue and silver. It's also pretty obvious when it's still wet, but as it dries, the shimmer gets a little bit shy and decides to hide in the thick creamy base.

Also, it's not exactly blue. It kind of looks like it wants to be Tiffany blue, but isn't exactly. Tiffany blue has a bit more.. yellow (?) in it. I thought about the name for awhile, and 'In A Tiff'? Wordplay on the word Tiff? As in Tiffany?

Anyway, it's pretty thick and opaque, so I did 2 coats with top coat. I had no issues with it except for the thickness, which can be fixed with thinner anyway. The wear was good too. I wore this Sunday to Thursday with minimal tip wear. Imagine the pictures with a bit more green/yellow. They came out too blue. If you click to enlarge the pictures, you'll see the hidden shimmer.

Under fluorescent lighting: it's really not as blue as it appears here.

I'll probably update this post later with a bottle picture and maybe a wet/dry comparison.

Also, a lot of people have left some very lovely comments on my guest post on colorfulbottle's blog, which I am very grateful for. Thank you guys so much (if you're reading this)! If it's a tutorial you want, then it's a tutorial you'll get (I think I adapted this from a movie, was it Troy?). I hope you don't mind being a little bit patient because I barely have time to paint my nails let alone do a tutorial. After my exams things should slow down a little and I'll be able to do it then. (:

By the time you read this, I'll probably be on my weekend holiday. I'm on a family holiday despite my busy university schedule. I'm almost at the end of the first semester. And I have a law and ethics test on Monday, which is the day after I get back from my short vacation. :/

I hope you're all having a great weekend! (:


  1. An exam right after the holidays. Not good.

    Nice mani.

  2. I see the hidden shimmer! ;)
    Awesome color too! luv it.

  3. This polish is really beautiful. I can't wait to se a tutorial on how you made colorful dots, but I'll wait , because school always comes first =).
    Good luck on your Monday's exam =).

  4. marox79 - I know ): It was an open book test so it wasn't too bad though. Thanks (:

    Princess Cupcake - I like how not everyone can see it, only the ones who have the "eye" ;)

    colorfulbottle - Thanks for understanding. I wish I could get to it faster! & thank you for the good luck wish too! (:


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