Monday, June 13, 2011

China Glaze Lightning Bolt on OPI You're A Doll

I am such a bad blogger for taking so long to put this up. It wasn't because I wasn't free, but I was really feeling way too lazy to write an entire post.

I didn't want to take OPI You're A Doll off after a couple of days so I did what would be the easiest and most convenient solution: I added crackle. That seems to save my mani when I get sick of it but can't or don't want to take it off. And it never turns out the same twice.

This is China Glaze Lightning Bolt, a white crackle, over 2? 3? coats of You're A Doll. The first 3 photos are without top coat and the rest are with.

Crackles are awesome. But companies need to STOP making them! I admit I am probably all crackled out by now. Just a couple of days ago I was all "Hah" at people who said they were sick of crackles. Now I am one of them. China Glaze's Metallic crackle collection doesn't even excite me. I thought at first that I'd get all of them except the silver but I am trying to save money for swaps and suddenly the crackles don't excite me anymore.

Unless some really pretty and unique colors (not metallic) are released, I think these blue OPI crackles will be my last. For now anyway. Stop it guys. Move on to something else. Here are some things I wish polish companies would make more of:

1. Holographic (the Gosh/Nfu.Oh kind)
2. Color changing polish (heat or UV activated)
3. Multichromes (think Clarins 230)
4. Flakies 
5. A Harry Potter collection. People would go crazy. I'd buy the entire set!

I wouldn't mind numbers 1-3 in crackle if it turned out good. What do you think polish companies should make more of?


  1. I'm sooo sick of crack! :P
    I want some more metallics in bright colors, I love the ChG Khromes and Romantiques for stamping, but I'd like some more to choose from instead of pink and purple. Bright green, navy blue, deep red and black would be awesome!

  2. Solveig - That makes two of us (plus the many others out there). I don't have any of the metallics but I hear they're great. I don't do stamping anyway, but red and black metallic sounds awesome! Hmm, don't you like Metallic Muse and Adore?

  3. I have Adore, but I think it's way too teal/turquoise. Metallic Muse looks pretty similar to me. I've ordered some Sally Hansen Chromes today, so I hope those will provide me with the punch I need! :)

  4. Solveig - Oh. If only we had the ingredients to make just about any polish we wanted to (when frankening doesn't do it)! I hope the SH ones are to your liking too! (:

  5. I agree completely. I enjoy crackle/shatter but unfortunately once one company makes it, they all copy and by the time the last one has come up with their colors/formula and gotten it into stores...people are over it! AND a Harry Potter set would kill. To think of it, I'm amazed there hasn't been one yet!

  6. NotesandNails - They all had to make the same colors. I'm surprised too. I have so many ideas for Harry Potter polish!

  7. Crackle/shatter is super good when I'm lazy taking off my mani. LOL, I'm bad....

  8. kittypolishnbags - That's what I do too!

  9. I've always hated crackle/shatter. And now with every brand coming out with their own line they're EVERYWHERE! I figured that I should at least get one. I wanted to get one that would go most universally with my nail polish collection, so I got CG Lightning Bolt. All it did was confirm my huge not-a-fan status of crackle/shatter. I hated it. It just reminds me of old peeling white out.

  10. Lena - I liked it at first but it's getting old. I think the black crackle would've gone better with more stuff, but maybe that's just me. What does old peeling white out look like? I don't think I've ever seen that :S

  11. Abby - You've never painted your nails with white out?! You must've never been a bored office worker. Lol I like the contrast of white w/color. But didn't want to buy a bunch of crackle colors when I knew I didn't like it. lol

  12. Lena - My only job ever was being a receptionist at my mom's office for two weeks. Not long enough to be that bored and I didn't have any white out on the job :P I like that contrast too! That's good. At least you get to spend your money on other things ;)


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